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Typical Python Stumbling Blocks & Quirky Behaviors– The Actual Python Podcast

Real Python Podcast Episode #168 Title Artwork

Aug 11, 2023 49m

Christopher Bailey
Christopher Trudeau

Have you ever before came across odd actions when attempting something brand-new in Python? What prevail traits concealing within the language? Today on the program, Christopher Trudeau is right here, bringing one more set of PyCoder’s Weekly posts as well as tasks.

Episode Enroller:

We go over a current article that provides a collection of eccentric Python habits. We share a couple of instances with descriptions yet leave a number of as problems to explore.

Christopher changes our conversation right into Python includes that can be challenging to discuss to a brand-new designer. We additionally share several of our very own road blocks while finding out the language.

We cover a number of various other posts as well as tasks from the Python neighborhood, consisting of an information upgrade, previewing Python 3.12’s even more instinctive as well as regular f-strings, discovering efficiency traffic jams with profiling, replicating the 6502 cpu in Python, making use of Abundant to check Python items, as well as outlining analytical information with Lets-Plot.

Today’s episode is offered you by Porkbun.


  • 00:00:00— Intro
  • 00:02:12— Guiding Council Announces Optional GIL
  • 00:04:05— Polars is Beginning a Firm
  • 00:05:13— Python 3.12 Sneak Peek: Even More Instinctive as well as Regular F-Strings
  • 00:09:29— Enroller: Porkbun
  • 00:10:22— Profiling in Python: Just How to Discover Efficiency Bottlenecks
  • 00:21:01— Composing a 6502 Emulator in Python
  • 00:24:36— Python Quirks
  • 00:32:30— Video Clip Program Limelight
  • 00:34:02— What Python attribute would certainly you have difficulty clarifying to a brand-new designer?
  • 00:42:25— Making Use Of Abundant Inspect to Question Python Things
  • 00:44:36— Lets-Plot: Outlining Collection for Statistical Information
  • 00:48:01— Many thanks as well as bye-bye


Program Hyperlinks:

  • Python 3.12 Sneak Peek: Even More Instinctive as well as Regular F-Strings— In this tutorial, you’ll sneak peek among the upcoming attributes of Python 3.12, which presents a brand-new f-string phrase structure formalization as well as application. The brand-new application raises some limitations as well as constraints that influence f-string literals in Python variations less than 3.12.
  • Profiling in Python: Just How to Discover Efficiency Bottlenecks— In this tutorial, you’ll discover just how to profile your Python programs making use of various devices readily available in the typical collection, third-party collections, along with an effective device international to Python. Along the road, you’ll discover what profiling is as well as cover a couple of relevant principles.
  • Composing a 6502 Emulator in Python— The 6502 cpu from Motorola was rather prominent as well as might be discovered in the Nintendo as well as Sega gaming consoles along with the Commodore 64. This really thorough write-up reveals you just how to develop an emulator for the cpu in Python.
  • Python Quirks— A straight-out listing of code fragments displaying several of the odd as well as unanticipated actions of your preferred language.



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