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The Corsair K100 Key-board Has A Ghost In The Maker

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A restricted variety of Corsair K100 individuals have actually run into an instead troubling issue, where the key-board instantly begins outputting message with no input from them. The message appears to have actually be included personalities and also sentences which the individuals had actually formerly gone into, which in one instance a customer asserts it includes message from a delicate e-mail. The good news is we can dismiss apparitions as none of the individuals reported real secrets proceeding their very own, just that message beginning showing up without their involvement.

Years ago there were comparable records of this practices on some Logitech key-boards, which were ultimately credited an insect in the macro recorder capability of the key-board. Corsair is recommending maybe a comparable problem right here, and also pressed out a repair they think will certainly repair it. This does increase the concern of just how much you must rely on a key-board with extensive macro recording. A key-board that can tape-record a six strokes will not obtain you right into much problem, yet one that can tape-record whole paragraphs well worth of activities might be an issue.

We do just have a little bit of info from an online forum string, so it is possible that the issues explained might be rather overstated. However, one individual explains this taking place on their Corsair K100 after “manufacturing facility resets and also removing the key-board’s memory”, while others did see the spot, or a reset by disconnecting the key-board and after that holding back Esc for 5 secs while connecting it in

This specifies to the Corsair K100 RGB and also not the Air version; we will certainly maintain an ear open for any kind of extra records.


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