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Symfony 7.0 Kind Statements (Symfony Blog Site)

Symfony has actually gotten on a multi-year initiative to include all PHP kind statements to its code. After including criterion enters Symfony 5, and also numerous return enters Symfony 6, we are obtaining near finish of the campaign in Symfony 7.0.

Including kind statements require to be performed with care, as it damages in reverse compatibility for the most part. According to Symfony’s launch procedure such breaks are just admitted significant variation launches (e.g. 6.0 and also 7.0).

Spreading this initiative throughout 3 significant variations lowers the influence on collections making use of Symfony parts. It likewise offers the core group sufficient time to develop the required tooling and also evaluation every modification very closely. An unique many thanks to Nicolas Grekas and also Alexander M. Turek for leading this initiative with their evaluations.

The objective of Symfony 7.0 is to include every feasible PHP kind affirmation. This suggests the adhering to adjustments remain in Symfony 7.0:

  • Include return kinds to all techniques avoided or missed out on in Symfony 6.0;
  • Include the gap return kind applied;
  • Include kinds to all course buildings, consisting of public and also secured ones.

Per Symfony’s launch assurance, each modification has an equivalent deprecation notification in 6.4. This suggests you can prepare your applications in 6.4 prior to updating to 7.0. See the main paperwork to learn more regarding this procedure.

Symfony likewise features a kind patcher energy to instantly include the missing out on return kind statements to your code:

When you’re preserving an open resource collection, preparing the code can be much more entailed. If you require to include a return kind to your code, you may damage in reverse compatibility for your very own individuals.

We recognize that launching a brand-new significant variation prior to December is not convenient for all collections. Based upon the experiences from packages preserved by the Symfony core group, we have actually held off some impactful kind statements to Symfony 8.0 currently (raising the duration for a brand-new significant variation with 2 years).

If you’re a maintainer and also a presented kind affirmation breaks your collection, please call us in this meta concern as early as feasible. We can not assure anything, yet we may think about holding off even more kind statements to Symfony 8.0. See the concern for the complete directions.

Many thanks for your assistance in the direction of kind security!


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