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Symfony 5.4.28 launched (Symfony Blog site)

Symfony 5.4.28 has actually simply been launched.
Below is the listing of one of the most crucial adjustments considering that 5.4.27:

  • pest # 51474 [Serializer] Take care of incorrect InvalidArgumentException tossed (@mtarld)
  • pest # 51473 [VarDumper] Take care of handling collapse state in CliDumper (@nicolas- grekas)
  • pest # 51445 [Security] FormLoginAuthenticator: stop working for non-string password (@dmaicher)
  • pest # 51424 [HttpFoundation] Take care of base URI discovery on IIS with UrlRewriteModule (@derrabus)
  • pest # 48840 [Validator] Discard Legitimate restraints on debug command (@macintoshplus)
  • pest # 51223 [Console] Take care of linewraps in OutputFormatter (@maxbeckers)
  • pest # 51307 [DependencyInjection] solution dump xml with array/object/enum default worth (@Jean- Beru)
  • pest # 51328 [Messenger] Constantly return bool from carrier amqp link nack (@Danielss89)
  • pest # 51295 [Mailer] upgrade Brevo SMTP host (@bastien- wink)
  • pest # 51301 [FrameworkBundle] include missing out on default-doctrine-dbal-provider cache swimming pool credit to XSD (@xabbuh)
  • pest # 51296 [Process] Take care of silencing wait when utilizing a sigchild-enabled binary (@nicolas- grekas)
  • pest # 51201 [Workflow] solution MermaidDumper when area has unique char (@lyrixx)
  • pest # 51061 [DoctrineBridge] Bugfix – Enable to get rid of LazyLoaded audiences by item (@VincentLanglet)

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