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Symfony 5.4.26 launched (Symfony Blog site)

Symfony 5.4.26 has actually simply been launched.
Right here is the checklist of one of the most essential adjustments because 5.4.25:

  • insect # 50933 [Serializer] Deal with deserializing embedded varieties of things with combined secrets (@HypeMC)
  • insect # 51078 [FrameworkBundle][Workflow] Toss exemption is is not a variety (@lyrixx)
  • insect # 51114 [Serializer] Deal with denormalizing abstract component headers in MimeMessageNormalizer (@fancyweb)
  • insect # 50788 [Validator] Deal with regression with course metadatada on moms and dad courses (@rmikalkenas)
  • insect # 51017 [VarExporter] Deal with exporting courses with __ serialize() however not __ unserialize() (@fancyweb)
  • insect # 51031 Deal with deprecations on PHP 8.3 (@nicolas- grekas)
  • insect # 51000 [WebProfilerBundle] Deal with mistake in situation of ‘Content-Type’ established null in dev atmosphere without any debug (@alexbuyanow)
  • insect # 50994 [ErrorHandler][Runtime] Do not tinker ini_set(‘ assert.warning’) (@nicolas- grekas)
  • insect # 50968 [PropertyAccess] Deal with accessibility to undefined “data” secret when examining pile structures (@nicolas- grekas)
  • insect # 50552 [Security] Enable personalized plan to be utilized as redirection URIs (@Spomky)
  • insect # 50945 [DebugBundle][FrameworkBundle] Deal with utilizing the structure without the Console element (@HypeMC)
  • insect # 50913 [HttpKernel][WebProfilerBundle] Deal with search function (Cyril HERRERA)
  • insect # 50937 [Form] bring all understood ChoiceType worths at the same time (@xabbuh)
  • insect # 50944 [FrameworkBundle] Include missing out on monolog network tag to the carrier: stopped working: retry command (@HypeMC)
  • insect # 49070 [RateLimiter] solution wrong retryAfter of FixedWindow (@RobertMe)
  • insect # 50960 [VarDumper] Deal with discarding ArrayObject with DumpDataCollector (@lyrixx, @HypeMC)
  • insect # 50943 [Intl] Taking into consideration bibliographic + prolonged (@oleg- andreyev)
  • insect # 50954 [PhpUnitBridge] Eliminate the last simultaneous procedure when it stales for greater than 60s (@nicolas- grekas)
  • insect # 50475 [FrameworkBundle] Stop cache: clear to shed documents on succeeding runs (@Okhoshi)
  • insect # 47252 [PhpUnitBridge] Usage causing course to create standard for deprecation messages from DebugClassLoader (@leongersen)
  • insect # 50582 [Security/Http] Deal with false-string handling in RememberMeAuthenticator (@ossinkine)
  • insect # 50595 [DependencyInjection] Do not neglect qualities on the real designer (@HypeMC)
  • insect # 50804 [Serializer] Deal with Normalizer not making use of transformed name for index variadic param (@DidierLmn)
  • insect # 50813 [DoctrineBridge] Tons freshened customer proxy (@MatTheCat)
  • insect # 50905 [DepdencyInjection] Deal with expensive reasoning when examining errored meanings (@nicolas- grekas)
  • insect # 50884 [Finder] Deal with first directory site is opened up two times (@mvorisek)
  • insect # 50881 [Messenger] Deal with passing choices collection through tags to trainer descriptors (@nicolas- grekas)
  • insect # 50837 [DependencyInjection] Deal with autocasting void env worths to vacant string (@fancyweb)
  • insect # 50810 [String] Deal With Inflector for ‘condition’ (@evertharmeling)

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