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stunning brochure pens with folium as well as fontawesome

TIL just how to make use of fontawesome pens with folium.

Folium is a Python collection
that permits customers to produce as well as present interactive maps. The collection utilizes the
Leaflet.js collection as well as can producing effective as well as aesthetically attractive
maps. Folium can be utilized to imagine geographical information by including pens,
polygons, heatmaps, as well as various other geographical components onto a map. The collection is
very easy to make use of as well as provides a series of alternatives for tailoring the maps as well as the
components that are shown on them.

Marginal pen

The very little instance simply includes a pen at a certain area:

 import  folium
 loc  = [45.957916666667, 7.8123888888889]

 m  =  folium Map( area = loc,  zoom_start = 13)

 folium Pen(
     area = loc
) add_to( m)

Pen with a bootstrap symbol

Pens can be personalized via supplying a Symbol circumstances. As a default you can make use of bootstrap glyphicons that offer over 250 glyphs absolutely free:

On top of that you can colorize the pen. Readily available shade names are red blue environment-friendly purple orange darkred lightred off-white darkblue darkgreen cadetblue darkpurple white pink lightblue lightgreen grey black lightgray

 m  =  folium Map( area = loc)

 folium Pen(
     area = loc, 
     symbol = folium Symbol( symbol =" house", 
                      shade =" purple",
                      icon_color =" blue")
) add_to( m)

Pen with a fonteawesome symbol

Typeface Awesome is a collection of scalable vector symbols that can be personalized as well as
utilized in a selection of methods, such as in visuals style tasks, sites, as well as
applications. The symbols are readily available in various designs, consisting of Strong,
Routine, as well as Brands, as well as can be conveniently incorporated by including the fa prefix

 m  =  folium Map( area = loc)
 folium Pen(
     area = loc,
     symbol = folium Symbol( symbol =" camping tents",  prefix =' fa')
) add_to( m)

Prolonged Pen Modification with BeautifulIcons

The Brochure Beautiful Icons
is light-weight plugin that includes vibrant famous pens.
without photos for Brochure by offering complete control of design to finish customer (i.e.
limitless shades as well as much more …).

It ist subjected to folium through the.
Lovely Symbol plugin

Sustained symbol forms are circle circle-dot doughnut rectangular shape rectangle-dot pen as well as the shade.
be either among the predefined or any type of legitimate hex code.

 import  folium.plugins  as  plugins

 folium Pen(
     area = loc,
     symbol = plugins BeautifyIcon(
                      symbol =" outdoor tents",
                      icon_shape =" circle",
                      border_color =' purple',
                      text_color =" # 007799",
                      background_color =' yellow'
) add_to( m)


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