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Stripped Down Windows 11 OS Operates On 200 Megabytes of RAM

computer lovers have actually been influenced by the de-bloated Windows 11 22H2 develop, tiny11, and also its reasonably weak equipment needs. On Friday we reported on tiny11’s designer NTDev, that distilled Microsoft’s difficult OS right into a sub-8GB marvel, declaring the slimmed-down system ran “wonderful” with 2GB of RAM. Today, NTDev adhered to up with a brag that his production was “operating on simply 384MB of RAM.” Usually, satisfaction comes prior to an autumn, and also it had not been long prior to an additional tiny11 individual shared a screenshot showing they had actually handled too up tiny11 in under 200MB of RAM.

According to HP’s (opens up in brand-new tab) computer timeline (due to the fact that my memory isn’t what it made use of to be) it has actually been 20 years given that Computers delivered with circa 256MB of system RAM as common. Those were the days of the Pentium 4 (desktop computer), Pentium M (laptop computer) and also Windows XP SP2. This places the success of running Windows 11 on much less than 200MB of RAM right into some point of view.


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