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STALKER 2 Author GSC Video Game Globe Got Hacked

In Some Way Doxxing Risks When Your House Has Actually Currently Been Damaged Appears Tacky

You might see some looters regarding the honest S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 Heart of Chornobyl video game on the internet, as they have actually been hacked as well as some information was taken. This consists of video game properties such as the whole story, cutscene summaries, principle art, as well as worldwide maps. The events liable are rather simple to determine, as they are requiring a Russian localization at launch or right after, the unbanning of a particular individual from the Heart of Chornobyl main Dissonance network as well as most amusingly, that GSC “ Reassess their mindset in the direction of gamers from Belarus as well as Russia

While EA as well as CD Projekt Red have both quit marketing video games to Steam as well as various other accounts in Russia as well as Belarus, it does not appear that GSC Video game Globe have actually made this their main plan. If you see some properties drifting around the internet in the following couple of days or weeks, take into consideration providing a miss out on, eh?

Await the video game to be launched, time later on this year.


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