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Simply Utilize Postgres for Every Little Thing

Welcome HN. Innovation has to do with tradeoffs. Utilizing Postgres for every little thing is a tradeoff. Obviously you utilize the best device for the task. Typically this is Postgres. Aiding loads of start-ups I have actually seen a lot more individuals overcomplicate configurations than business that utilize devices that are also basic for the task. If you have 1M+ consumers, as well as 50+ programmers, as well as you require Kafka as well as Flicker amd Kubernetes, proceed. If you have extra systems than programmers, simply utilize Postgres. Many thanks to Hugo as well as BunnyCDN for maintaining the web page quickly. PS: Postgres for every little thing does not indicate one web server for every little thing;–RRB-

TLDR; simply utilize Postgres for every little thing.

We have actually welcomed intricacy with the door. Yet it will certainly not leave as conveniently.


There is Radical Simpleness however.

One method to streamline your pile as well as minimize the relocating components, accelerate growth, reduced the threat as well as provide even more attributes in your start-up is ” Usage Postgres for every little thing” Postgres can change – as much as numerous customers – lots of backend innovations, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Mongo as well as Redis amongst them.

Usage Postgres for caching as opposed to Redis with UNLOGGED tables as well as MESSAGE as a JSON information kind. Usage kept treatments to include as well as apply an expiration day for the information similar to in Redis.

Usage Postgres as a message line up with SKIP SECURED as opposed to Kafka (if you just require a message line up).

Usage Postgres with Timescale as an information stockroom.

Usage Postgres with JSONB to save Json records in a data source, search as well as index them – as opposed to Mongo.

Usage Postgres as a cron devil to act at particular times, like sending out mails, with pg_cron including occasions to a message line up.

Usage Postgres for Geospacial inquiries

Usage Postgres for Fulltext Look as opposed to Elastic.

Usage Postgres to produce JSON in the data source, create no web server side code as well as straight offer it to the API.

Usage Postgres with a GraphQL adapter to provide GraphQL if required.

There I have actually claimed it, simply utilize Postgres for every little thing

Concerning Stephan

As a CTO, Meantime CTO, CTO Train – as well as designer -.
Stephan has actually seen lots of modern technology divisions in fast-growing.
start-ups. As a child he instructed himself coding in a division.
shop around 1981 due to the fact that he intended to create computer game.
Stephan researched computer technology with dispersed systems as well as expert system at the College of Ulm.
He additionally researched Viewpoint. When the net involved Germany in the 90.
he functioned as the very first programmer in numerous start-ups. He has actually started a VC moneyed start-up, operated in VC moneyed, quickly expanding.
start-ups with design, procedures as well as development obstacles, functioned as a supervisor for ImmoScout and also as a CTO of an Inc.
business. After his partner effectively offered her start-up they relocated to the sea as well as Stephan used up CTO mentoring. You can discover.
him on LinkedIn, on Mastodon or on.
Twitter @KingOfCoders


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