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Shop in Go memory like localStorage Javascript?

I do not assume you require an exterior reliance for something this simple. Produce an international variable of some kind, guard it with a mutex so it’s thread-safe, after that upgrade it based upon some type of period. Something like:

// AppMenu shops the international application food selection products
kind AppMenu struct {
Products [] string.

var (.
muAppMenu = && sync.RWMutex {}// Guards 'appMenu'.
appMenu AppMenu.

// GetAppMenu returns the existing application food selection.
func GetAppMenu() AppMenu {
food selection:= appMenu.
return food selection.

// SetAppMenu establishes the application food selection.
func SetAppMenu( food selection AppMenu) {
appMenu = food selection.

You might after that someplace in your primary feature rotate up a goroutine to upgrade your food selection product home occasionally:

// Context for our goroutine.
ctx, terminate:= context.WithCancel( context.Background()).
postpone terminate().
// Rotate up goroutine to upgrade application food selection products every 30 secs.
go func() {
t:= time.NewTicker( 30 * time.Second).
postpone t.Stop().
for {
choose {
instance <


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