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Serverless Verification with Golang

Practically every task requires verification to offer safe and secure individual material.

For a lot of my side tasks, I choose to pay per usage for expense optimization.

proceeding my try out Golang, I developed Golang solution that’s mosting likely to run inside AWS Lambda feature as well as shop the information in Dynmodb data source, I’m making use of serverless AWS solutions to satisfy my need of expense maximize solution.

GitHub repo


Sustained paths:

approach course haul Duty public summary
MESSAGE / v1/auth/login e-mail, password real Login
MESSAGE / v1/auth/login/ e-mail e-mail real Passwordless Login
MESSAGE / v1/auth/signup e-mail, password, information real Signup
OBTAIN / v1/auth/validate real ValidateToken
MESSAGE / v1/auth/renew incorrect Obtain brand-new Token
OBTAIN / v1/auth/provider/: supplier real Login with supplier
OBTAIN / v1/auth/provider/: provider/callback real Validate supplier login
OBTAIN / v1/users/me real Checkup
PUT / v1/users/me information incorrect Update individual information
PUT / v1/users/me/ password password, duplicated password incorrect Update individual password
MESSAGE / v1/orgs name incorrect Develop Org
MESSAGE / v1/orgs/: orgId/invite e-mail, function admin incorrect Welcome individual to me org
OBTAIN / v1/orgs/: orgId/users admin incorrect Obtain org individuals

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