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Respond Table with dealt with Header

This tutorial is component 3 of 3 in this collection.

In this tutorial, I wish to reveal you exactly how to make use of React Table Collection with a dealt with header In the previous instance, you mounted React Table Collection to develop a table element and also offered it a motif. Currently, we will certainly make it possible for customers to have their header sticky to the top:


import { useTheme } from ' @table- library/react-table-library/theme';

const Application = () =>> {

const information = { nodes: checklist } ;

const style = useTheme( {

Table: '

elevation: 100%;


} );

return (



;} ; The information object we passed to the Table element in the previous tutorial just had 3 things, so we require to make use of a various information object this time around with even more things in order to see the sticky header job appropriately. The adhering to information item has 10 things and also functions appropriately.

const checklist


; As you can see, all that's required for a dealt with table header is a container element around the Table element. You can currently scroll the rows of the table in an upright instructions while the header continues to be sticky on top of the table.


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