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reactjs – Just how to repair this css residential property for header placement in respond application?

I am dealing with some problem with placement of a header. The header CSS residential property obtains acquired from the application css. e.g in listed below picture, Our objective is a header which i desire it to be left straightened. Can a person aid below. The app.js and also app.css is readily available in this code snadbox web link: https://codesandbox.io/s/summer-hooks-527rx9?file=/src/App.js

enter image description here



 import "./ styles.css";.

export default feature Application() {
return (.
<< div id=" application">
<> < img id=" home-background-image"/>>.
<< div id=" project-header">
<> < p id=" project-exp">> Examination Website Call<.

<< div id=" project-mission-header">
<> < h2>> Our Goal<.


 #app {
font-family: sans-serif;.
screen: flex;.
flex-direction: column;.
align-items: facility;.

#home- background-image {
size: 100%;.
elevation: 350px;.
history: link(" https://png.pngtree.com/thumb_back/fh260/background/20201026/pngtree-futuristic-shape-abstract-background-chemistry-technology-concept-for-website-image_438818.jpg");.
background-size: cover;.

#project- header {
setting: outright;.
top: 100px;.
shade: white;.
#project- exp {
font-size: 3rem;.
font-weight: 600;.
margin: 0;.

#project- mission-header {
size: 810px;.
justify-content: left;.


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