Monday, March 27, 2023
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Raspberry Pi Drives ‘Sidecar’ Web Accessibility for Psion Personal Organizer

Manufacturer as well as designer Kian Ryan has a massive enthusiasm for traditional innovation. When it came time to play about with a Psion personal organizer from the 90s, he recognized he needed to toss a Raspberry Pi right into the mix. Today, we’re flaunting his S idecar development that utilizes a Raspberry Pi to operate as both a functioning Linux serial incurable along with a modem to link the Psion to the web.

Ryan is making use of a Psion Collection 5MX variation of the preferred 1990s personal organizer as well as initially produced a personalized PCB called the PiRS232. This board functions as a HAT for the Pi No that allows it to link to the personal organizer making use of a DB9 serial port. This PiRS232 board is currently housed within a little gadget Ryan has actually called the Sidecar.


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