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python – Just how to make Django forms.Textarea receptive?

I am having problems attempting to comprehend just how to alter Textarea dimensions to ensure that my website is receptive. I presently have it established where the rows are 8 as well as cols is 60 which is excellent for checking out a website on a desktop computer.

Nevertheless, as i am attempting to make my website receptive, i can not locate a means to alter the column worth to 30. I have actually thought of utilizing css media inquiry for this yet can not comprehend just how to alter the worths as they are presently embeded in the documents as as revealed listed below.

I understand individuals have the ability to resize the Textarea yet i would certainly like it if they can not resize the message location. So my inquiry is if it is feasible to make the Textarea receptive?

 course UserSettings( ModeldForm):.
course Meta:.
design = Account.
areas =["name", "email", "profile_biography"]
widgets = {
' profile_biography': forms.Textarea( attrs= {
' rows': 8,.
' cols': 60,.
' design':' resize: none'} ),.


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