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Producing a CSV Data in Python: Demand Assistance as well as Code Instance

Techi11 3 hrs back.

 I'm reasonably brand-new to Python as well as I'm attempting to produce a CSV documents from information within my program. I have actually reviewed a little bit concerning the csv component, however I'm not completely certain concerning the most effective technique to produce a CSV documents as well as occupy it with information. Could a person assist me with the procedure as well as supply a code instance?

Allow's claim I have a listing of thesaurus consisting of information concerning items, thus:


Replicate code
items =[
    {"ProductID": 1, "ProductName": "Widget A", "Price": 10.99},
    {"ProductID": 2, "ProductName": "Widget B", "Price": 15.99},
    {"ProductID": 3, "ProductName": "Widget C", "Price": 8.49}

I wish to produce a CSV documents called products.csv with the adhering to headers: "ProductID", "ProductName", as well as "Rate", and afterwards occupy it with the information from the items checklist.
I attempted seeking a service by checking out many discussion forums as well as internet sites such as this (, however I was not able to do so. Could a person supply me an instance of just how to complete this making use of the Python csv component? I would certainly be extremely thankful for any type of guidance!

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