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March 16, 2023 by Dan Abramov as well as Rachel Nabors

Today we are enjoyed launch, the brand-new residence for React as well as its documents. In this message, we wish to offer you a trip of the brand-new website.

tl; dr

  • The brand-new React website ( shows contemporary React with feature elements as well as Hooks.
  • We have actually consisted of layouts, images, obstacles, as well as over 600 brand-new interactive instances.
  • The previous React documents website has actually currently relocated to

Brand-new website, brand-new domain name, brand-new homepage

Initially, a bit of home cleaning.

To commemorate the launch of the brand-new docs as well as, much more notably, to plainly divide the old as well as the brand-new web content, we have actually relocated to the much shorter domain name. The old domain name will certainly currently reroute below.

The old React docs are currently archived at All existing web links to the old web content will immediately reroute there to stay clear of “damaging the internet”, however the tradition website will certainly not obtain much more updates.

Think it or otherwise, Respond will certainly quickly be 10 years old. In JavaScript years, it resembles an entire century! We have actually revitalized the React homepage to mirror why we believe React is a fantastic method to develop interface today, as well as upgraded the getting going overviews to much more plainly state contemporary React-based structures.

If you have not seen the brand-new homepage yet, examine it out!

Going all-in on contemporary React with Hooks

When we launched React Hooks in 2018, the Hooks docs presumed the visitor knows with course elements. This aided the area embrace Hooks really promptly, however eventually the old docs fell short to offer the brand-new visitors. New visitors needed to discover Respond two times: when with course elements and after that once more with Hooks.

The brand-new docs instruct React with Hooks from the get go. The docs are separated in 2 major areas:

  • Learn React is a self-paced program that shows React from square one.
  • API Referral offers the information as well as use instances for each React API.

Allow’s have a better check out what you can locate in each area.


There are still a couple of unusual course element usage instances that do not yet have a Hook-based matching. Course elements continue to be sustained, as well as are recorded in the Tradition API area of the brand-new website.

Flying start

The Learn area starts with the Flying Start web page. It is a brief initial trip of React. It presents the phrase structure for principles like elements, props, as well as state, however does not enter into much information on exactly how to utilize them.

If you such as to discover by doing, we suggest looking into the Tic-Tac-Toe Tutorial following. It strolls you with developing a plot with React, while instructing the abilities you’ll make use of on a daily basis. Right here’s what you’ll develop:

 import  {  useState }   from ' respond';

 feature  Square( {  worth,  onSquareClick } )  {
   return (
    < {  worth} < );}  feature Board(
       { xIsNext,
     squares, onPlay
  } )

 feature  handleClick( i ) {  if(  calculateWinner ( squares )
  ||   squares) { return ;
    }   const nextSquares =  squares piece([i]) ;
    )  { nextSquares = ' X';}  else {
     nextSquares  = ' O'; } 
       onPlay[i]( nextSquares)
    ; }   const
       victor[i] =  calculateWinner(
    ); allow standing;

  (  victor) { standing = ' Champion: ' + 
   victor ;} 
   else  { standing =  ' Following gamer: '
     + ( xIsNext? ' X': 
  ' O' ) ;
    }  return(<< { standing} <<< handleClick

   0 )
    } />>
      < handleClick ( 1)} />>< handleClick( 2)
      } />> <<< handleClick
        ( 3 )} />><[0] handleClick ( 4)} />> <  handleClick( 5)}  />>
        << < handleClick( 6[1]) } />>< handleClick(  7 )} />>< handleClick (
         8) } />><<[2]) ;}  export default feature  Video Game () { const =   useState
       const =   useState( 0)
        ; const  xIsNext =  currentMove % [3] 2  ===  0; const currentSquares  =   background; feature handlePlay(  nextSquares
        ) {  const nextHistory = ;[4] setHistory ( nextHistory); setCurrentMove (  nextHistory size -  1 )
        ;}   feature jumpTo( nextMove[5])  { setCurrentMove( nextMove) ; }  const actions =  background 
       squares,  step)=>> {
         allow summary ; if( step[6] > >   0) { summary =  ' Most likely to relocate #'  +  step;}  else  {
         summary =  ' Most likely to video game begin';}  return[7]( << jumpTo( step ) } >> { summary}  <
        <) ;} );[8] return (<<<< < < { actions} < <
    }  feature

)  {  const  lines = , ,
  , [history, setHistory],,,[Array(9).fill(null)],,
  ]  [currentMove, setCurrentMove]; for( allow i = 
   0 ; i < <  lines size; i
  ++ ) { const[currentMove] = 

   lines ; if( squares  && & &
     squares  && ===  squares[...history.slice(0, currentMove + 1), nextSquares] & & 
     squares===  squares ) {
     return squares;(* )} } return null ;} Program much more 
   We  would certainly likewise such as to highlight 

   Believing in React -- that's the tutorial that made React" click" for a number of us. We have actually upgraded both of these traditional tutorials to make use of feature elements as well as Hooks,  so they're like brand-new.  Note  The instance over is a 
     sandbox We have actually included a great deal of sandboxes-- over 600!-- almost everywhere throughout the website. You can modify any type of sandbox, or press "Fork" in the top right edge to open it in a different tab. Sandboxes allow you swiftly have fun with the React APIs, discover your suggestions, as well as examine your understanding. Learn React detailed  We  would certainly such as every person worldwide to have a level playing field to discover React free of cost by themselves. This is why the Learn area is arranged like a self-paced program split right into phases. The very first 2 phases explain the basics of React. If you're brand-new to Respond, or wish to freshen it in your memory, begin below: 
   The following 2 phases are advanced, as well as will certainly offer you a much deeper understanding right into the more difficult components: 

   Taking Care Of State  shows exactly how to arrange your reasoning as your application expands in intricacy. Getaway Hatches shows exactly how you can "tip outdoors" React, as well as when it makes the majority of feeling to do so. Every phase includes a number of associated web pages. A lot of these web pages instruct a certain ability or a strategy-- for instance,  Creating Markup with JSX,  Upgrading Items in State, or  Sharing State In Between Parts  A few of the web pages concentrate on clarifying a concept-- like  Make as well as Dedicate , or   State as a Picture
     And also there are a couple of, like   You May Not Required a Result, that share our tips based upon what we have actually discovered over these years.
     You do not need to review these phases as a series. That has the moment for this?! Yet you could. Pages in the Learn area just rely upon principles presented by the earlier web pages. If you wish to review it like a publication, go all out!  Examine your understanding with obstacles  A lot of web pages in the Learn area end with a couple of obstacles to examine your understanding. As an example, below are a couple of obstacles from the web page concerning  Conditional Making You do not need to fix them now! Unless you   actually
       wish to. 1  Program a symbol for insufficient things with ?:  2
       Program the product significance with  &&& &
       Difficulty 1  of(* )2 : 
     Program a symbol for insufficient things with 
    ?:   Utilize the conditional driver (
       cond? a: b) to provide a ❌ if   isPacked isn't  real feature Product
        ( {  name, isPacked} )  {  return(< { name}  { isPacked && & & '✔' <}>. 
     export default

  )  {
    >(     Sally Trip's Packaging Listing 
            (* ) )
        ;}  Program much more Program remedy  Following Difficulty Notification the "Program remedy" switch in the left base edge. It comes in handy if you wish to examine on your own!  Construct an instinct with layouts as well as images  When we could not determine exactly how to discuss something with code as well as words alone, we have actually included layouts that assist supply some instinct. As an example, below is just one of the layouts from  Maintaining as well as Resetting State:  When   area modifications to  div, the  area  is removed as well as the brand-new 
       div is included You'll likewise see some images throughout the docs-- below is just one of the 
       web browser paint the display:   We have actually validated with the web browser suppliers that this representation is 100% clinically precise. A brand-new, thorough API Referral  In the  API Referral
        , every React API currently has a committed web page. This consists of all type of APIs:  You'll observe that every API web page is divided right into at the very least 2 sections:  Referral as well as  Use Referral defines the official API trademark by noting its disagreements as well as return worths. It's succinct, however it can really feel a little bit abstract if you're not acquainted with that API. It defines what an API does, however not exactly how to utilize it. Use
       reveals why as well as exactly how you would certainly utilize this API in method, like a coworker or a pal could discuss. It reveals the  approved circumstances for exactly how each API was implied to be utilized by the React group. We have actually included color-coded fragments, instances of utilizing various APIs with each other, as well as dishes that you can replicate as well as paste from: 
     Standard useState instances 1 
   Counter (number)  2

 Text area (string)   3  Checkbox (boolean)  4  
   Type (2 variables)   Instance 1[
    [0, 1, 2] of
    [3, 4, 5] 4
    [6, 7, 8]: 
    [0, 3, 6] Counter (number) 
    [1, 4, 7] In this instance, the 
    [2, 5, 8] matter
    [0, 4, 8] state variable holds a number. Clicking the switch increments it.
    [2, 4, 6] import
   { useState
  }   from' respond' ; export default feature  Counter() { const =   useState( 0 )
    ; [a, b, c] feature handleClick[i](
    )  { setCount[a]( matter[a] +  1[b]);[a]}  return[c]( <
You pushed me   {[a] matter

  < );

Troubleshooting (for typical troubles) as well as Alternatives (for deprecated APIs). We wish that this technique will certainly make the API referral helpful not just as a method to search for a disagreement, however as a method to see all the various points you can do with any type of provided API– as well as exactly how it attaches to the various other ones.

What’s following?

That’s a cover for our little trip! Take a look around the brand-new web site, see what you such as or do not such as, as well as maintain the responses can be found in the confidential study or in our

concern tracker

We recognize this job has actually taken a very long time to ship. We intended to keep a premium quality bar that the React area should have. While composing these docs as well as developing every one of the instances, we discovered blunders in several of our very own descriptions, pests in React, as well as also voids in the React layout that we are currently functioning to address. We wish that the brand-new documents will certainly assist us hold Respond itself to a greater bar in the future.

We have actually listened to a number of your demands to broaden the web content as well as performance of the web site, for instance:

Including missing out on attributes to the brand-new web site (for instance, RSS for this blog site). Since is out, we will certainly have the ability to change our emphasis from “capturing up” with the third-party React instructional sources to including brand-new info as well as more enhancing our brand-new web site. We believe there’s never ever been a much better time to discover React. That worked with this? On the React group, Rachel Nabors led the job (as well as supplied the images), as well as Dan Abramov made the educational program. They co-authored a lot of the web content with each other also. Obviously, no job this huge occurs alone. We have a great deal of individuals to give thanks to! Sylwia Vargas

revamped our instances to surpass “foo/bar/baz” as well as kitties, as well as attribute researchers, musicians as well as cities from all over the world.

Maggie Appleton

transformed our doodles right into a clear representation system. Many Thanks to David McCabe

, Sophie Alpert,

Sebastian Markbåge for their suggestions as well as responses. Many Thanks to Dan Lebowitz for the website layout as well as

Razvan Gradinar for the sandbox layout.

On the growth front, many thanks to Jared Palmer for model growth. Many thanks to Dane Give as well as Dustin Goodman from

 ThisDotLabs  for their assistance on UI growth. Many thanks to  Ives van Hoorne,   Alex Moldovan,   Jasper De Moor , as well as  Danilo Woznica  from 
CodeSandbox for their deal with sandbox combination. Many thanks to
Rick Hanlon for place growth as well as layout job, operating our shades as well as better information. Many thanks to Harish Kumar as well as Luna Ruan for including brand-new attributes to the website as well as assisting keep it.
Significant many thanks to the individuals that offered their time to take part in the alpha as well as beta screening program. Your interest as well as very useful responses aided us form these docs. An unique proclaim to our beta tester, Debbie O'Brien, that lectured concerning her experience utilizing the React docs at React Conf 2021. Ultimately, many thanks to the React area for being the ideas behind this initiative. You are the factor we do this, as well as we wish that the brand-new docs will certainly assist you make use of Respond to develop any type of interface that you desire.


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