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Place xml component in certain area – Obtaining Aid

I have great deals of aesthetic workshop c++ task data I want to have the ability to Change Address Sanitizer on and also off for and also its actually sluggish doing it all by hand. I’m attempting to compose a go program that loopholes via all the xml aspects in the vcxproj till its locate the below area and after that inserts like below. << EnableASAN>> real<

<< PropertyGroup Problem="'$( Setup)|$( System)'==' Debug|x64'" Tag=" Setup">
<> < ConfigurationType>> Application<.
<< CharacterSet>> MultiByte<.
<< PlatformToolset>> v143<.
<< EnableASAN>> real<.

This is the code I have thus far to locate the best PropertyGroup today I have no concept just how to place an xml component right here. Can anybody aim me in the best best instructions just how to do this if its feasible.

I assume you can attempt rhe vsproj as a simple message data and after that search for the needed token in the read line. For instance:

plan primary

import (
" bufio"
" fmt"
" log"
" os"
" strings"

func printLines( filePath string, lines [] string) mistake {
f, err:= os.Create( filePath)
if err!= nil {
return err
postpone f.Close()
for _, worth:= array lines {
fmt.Fprintln( f, worth)
return nil

func primary() {
f, err:= os.Open(" project1.vcxproj")

if err!= nil {
fmt.Println( err)
postpone f.Close()
fileScanner:= bufio.NewScanner( f)

fileScanner.Split( bufio.ScanLines)

lines:= make([] string, 0)
located:= incorrect

for fileScanner.Scan() {
line:= fileScanner.Text()

 if strings.Contains( line, "PropertyGroup Problem="'$( Setup)|$( System)'==' Debug|x64'" Tag=" Setup"") && & &! located {

located && =real.} if located & & strings.Contains( line," " ){lines= append( lines>," < EnableASAN>> real ").
located = incorrect.


lines= append( lines, line).}
if err:=
(" project2.vcxproj", lines);
err!= nil {
log.Fatal( err).}}(* )Jeffsmith(* ). (Jeffrey Smith).

( Jeffrey Smith).

made some adjustments so it would not compose the EnableASAN component once again if existing however does function many thanks for that. fileScanner:= bufio.NewScanner( f).

fileScanner.Split( bufio.ScanLines).
lines:= make(

string, 0).
located:= incorrect.
asanTrue:= incorrect.

for fileScanner.Scan() {
line:= fileScanner.Text().
if strings.Contains( line, "PropertyGroup Problem="'$( Setup)|$( System)'==' Debug|x64'" Tag=" Setup"") && & &! located {
located= real.} if strings.Contains( line," < EnableASAN>> real ") {
asanTrue= real.} if located & & strings.Contains( line," ") & &! asanTrue {
lines = append( lines, "<< EnableASAN>> real<"). located = incorrect. } lines = append( lines, line). } if err:= printLines( s, lines); err!= nil { log.Fatal( err). }


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