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Pile Misuse: Handling “” ModuleNotFoundError: No component called encodings” “in Python


Python is an effective and also functional programs language, however occasionally you might come across mistakes that appear bewildering. One such mistake is the “ModuleNotFoundError: No component called encodings”. This mistake can happen as a result of numerous factors, and also in this Byte, we will certainly check out just how to solve it.

Why did I obtain this mistake?

Prior to we get involved in the option, allow’s initial comprehend the mistake. The “ModuleNotFoundError: No component called encodings” mistake typically takes place when Python can not find the encodings component. This component is important for Python to operate effectively since it includes the essential encodings that Python utilizes to transform bytes right into strings and also the other way around.

>>> > > >  import encodings
Traceback (newest telephone call last):.
Submit "<< stdin>>", line  1,  in << component>>.
ModuleNotFoundError: No component called ' encodings'

This mistake message shows that Python is incapable to find the ‘encodings’ component.

Note: The encodings component is an integrated Python component, and also its lack can be as a result of wrong setup or setup of Python.

Establishing Python in your System’s course

Among the typical factors for this mistake is that Python is not appropriately establish in your system’s course. The course is an atmosphere variable on Unix-like os, DOS, OS/2, and also Microsoft Windows, defining a collection of directory sites where executable programs lie.

To include Python to the system’s course, you require to find your Python setup directory site and also include it to the course atmosphere variable.

In Unix-like os, you can include Python to your course by modifying the bashrc or bash_profile data in your house directory site. Include the complying with line, changing / path/to/python with the real course to your Python setup:

$  resemble ' export course="/ path/to/python:$ COURSE"' >> > > ~/. bashrc

In Windows, you can include Python to your course by modifying the system atmosphere variables:

  1. Right-click on ‘Computer system’ and also click ‘Characteristic’.
  2. Click ‘Advanced system setups’.
  3. Click ‘Setting Variables’.
  4. In the system variables area, discover the ‘Course’ variable, pick it, and also click ‘Edit’.
  5. In the ‘Variable worth’ area, add the course to your Python setup with a semicolon (;-RRB- prior to it.
  6. Click ‘OK’ to shut all dialog boxes.

After including Python to your course, you ought to have the ability to import the encodings component with no problems.


In this Byte, we have actually discovered the ‘ModuleNotFoundError: No component called encodings’ mistake in Python and also reviewed an usual option – including Python to your system’s course.

If you’re still dealing with problems, you might require to re-install Python. This procedure differs depending upon your os, so make certain to seek out certain guidelines for your OS.


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