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php – Can not situate web page

So, I have a documents that connects to one more documents when the individuals clicks a switch, the switch ought to connect to the following documents however rather it relinks to itself. The course is established properly to the documents it’s intended to connect to.

Right here is the initial documents, account.php, which has the upload-btn in it:

<< type activity=" serverside/profile-upload. php" approach=" message" enctype=" multipart/form-data">
<> < tag for=" profile-image">> Select Photo<.
<< input kind=" documents" name=" profile-image">
<> < switch kind=" send" name=" upload-btn">> Upload Photo<.

Right here is the 2nd documents, which the initial documents is intended to connect to however rather it relinks to the account.php web page which has a mistake on it, right here's profile-upload. php web page sending out the mistake:

I'm obtaining the account.php?error= cannotusethisfiletype everytime I push the upload-btn.



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