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php – apple iphone numerical keypad misshapes web page size of HTML web page

I am servicing a PHP manuscript for sending butterfly/moth documents to an internet site. The internet site utilizes the Bootstrap theme. One one component of the web page there is a tabular checklist of 2 areas per row, one requesting for the butterfly/moth usual name and also the various other for the matter (the number seen). When I touch among the Matter areas utilizing my apple iphone the numerical keypad shows up however when it does it misshapes the web page. It extends it a little and also moves the screen to the left. When I touch in the following varieties area it moves the web page back to the right however the size is still extended so message that utilized to fit the web page size no more does.

Right here is the pertinent code listed below – as you will certainly see I am developing the rows dynamically making use of PHP

<< h3 course=" title mt-4">> Butterflies/Moths<.

<< p>> Get in the usual names of as much as 10 varieties in addition to the variety of each varieties you observe. As you begin inputting a listing will certainly show up to reveal you the closest suits.<.

<< div course=" form-row">
<> < div course=" form-group col-7 autocomplete">>.
<< tag><> < solid>> Types Common Call< . <. << div course=" col-2">
<> < tag><> < solid>> Matter< . <. <. <


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