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Pest (dealt with in 1.20?) worrying func variables – Obtaining Aid


I have actually uncovered a pest which appears to have actually been dealt with beginning with variation 1.20. Nevertheless, the launch notes do not appear to discuss anything comparable, so I would certainly really feel more secure if somebody can determine it.

I have actually steamed it to the adhering to examination This examination stops working in variation 1.19. Nevertheless, uncommenting the very first line of the feature examination() (which just presents 2 empty variables) makes the examination pass (nonetheless, simply presenting one empty variable is not nearly enough). As I stated, the examination comes on variation 1.20 no matter if the line is commented out or otherwise. So what transformed?

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This is a truly intriguing inquiry that is driving me ridiculous! In 1.19, when your vacant struct variables line is commented out, examination is inlined however the compiler is in some way missing/ignoring the a, b = b, a swap. I can not inform exactly how that’s taking place, though! I attempted assembling with GOSSAFUNC= primary however also the AST at the start is currently reworded to inline the loophole which goes down the body of the 2nd feature!?

I extremely suggest asking on Reddit. If you do not, I will! I would certainly enjoy to comprehend what’s taking place right here!

Many Thanks! Inlining does appear to be the wrongdoer in some way, does not it? I had actually currently thought about asking Reddit; assumption you aided me choose :slightly_smiling_face:



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