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Passing numerous criteria from theme to theme – Obtaining Assistance

I have numerous web pages with Go html design templates (with no criteria sent out from Go).

The primary theme needs to send out 2 string criteria to following theme.

 {{theme "httpend" "primary" "below"}}

The various other theme with a manuscript must have the ability to get these specification and also fire a Javascript feature.

 {{specify "httpend"}}

<< manuscript src=" https://forum.golangbridge.org/js/menu.js" postpone><> .
<< manuscript src="/ js/nav. js" postpone><> .
<< manuscript>>.
window.onload = feature() {
fillsubmenu( {{.}}, {{.}} ).


The objective of this is to make it a lot more completely dry. Duplicating the manuscript on every web page is more difficult to preserve.

There are NO dots criteria sent out from Go. (. main.sub). Simply ordinary strings ...

No mistakes reported, yet the httpend theme will certainly disappoint up for some factor. And also therefore not discharged.

Exactly how can I send out numerous strings as criteria to an additional Go html theme?

Make use of a struct or map context and also utilize suitable names to develop and also accessibility.

You can not have greater than one context, or "disagreements" right into as solitary theme.


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