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OverVue 9.0. Our crew is proud to current OverVue… | by Christopher Davis | Oct, 2022

OverVue makes it straightforward to construct customized parts.
  • Rapidly produce product prototypes along with your alternative of customized or Aspect Plus library parts.
  • Customise properties like class, innerText and two-way binding inside every HTML factor.
  • Customise your prototype with snap-to-grid positioning and part coloration and sizing.
  • Visualize and manipulate venture routing, part hierarchies, and code snippets in actual time.
  • Export correct boilerplate code for Vue 3.0 functions together with required npm packages, Oauth login of your alternative, personalized Vue SFC’s, and part testing information.
  • Share venture updates along with your crew through Slack.
Add nested HTML parts, attributes, props, actions and state.


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