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Node v12.16.1 (LTS)|Node.js

Remarkable adjustments

Node.js 12.16.0 consisted of 6 regressions that are being dealt with in this launch

Accidental Unflagging of Self Solving Modules:

12.16.0 consisted of a huge upgrade to the ESM execution. Among the brand-new attributes,
Self Referential Components, was inadvertently launched without calling for the -- experimental-modules
flag. This launch is being made to suitably flag the attribute.

Refine Clean-up Changed Presented WASM-Related Assertion:

An adjustment throughout Node.js procedure cleaning resulted in a collision in mix with.
certain use of WASM. This has actually been dealt with by partly changed stated modification.
A regression examination and also a complete repair are being serviced and also will likely be consisted of.
in future 12.x and also 13.x launches.

Usage Largepages Runtime Choice Presented Connecting Failing:

A Semver-Minor modification to present -- use-largepages as a runtime alternative.
presented a connecting failing. This had actually been dealt with in master yet fell back as the repair has actually not yet headed out.
in an Existing launch. The attribute has actually been changed, yet will certainly have the ability to reland with a repair in a future.
Semver-Minor launch.

Async Hooks was Triggering an Exemption When Taking Care Of Mistakes:

Adjustments in async hooks internals presented an instance where an interior api phone call can be called with undefined.
creating a procedure to collision. The modification to async hooks was changed. A regression examination and also repair has actually been recommended.
and also the modification can re-land in a future Semver-Patch launch if the regression is dependably dealt with.

Brand-new Enumerable Read-Only Home on EventEmitter breaks @types/ expand

A brand-new residential or commercial property for identifying occasions was included in the EventEmitter course. This.
damaged existing code that was making use of the @types/ expand component for prolonging classses.
as @types/ expand was attemping to edit the existing area which the brand-new.
modification made read-only. As this is the very first residential or commercial property on EventEmitter that is.
read-only this attribute can be taken into consideration Semver-Major. The brand-new attribute has actually been.
went back yet can re-land in a future Semver-Minor launch if a non breaking method.
of using it is located.

Exemptions in the HTTP parser were not discharging an uncaughtException

A refactoring to Node.js interanls caused an insect where mistakes in the HTTP.
parser were not being produced by process.on(' uncaughtException') when the async_hooks after
hook exists. The repair to this insect has actually been consisted of in this launch.


  • [51fdd759b9] – async_hooks: make certain occasion after been produced on runInAsyncScope (legendecas) # 31784
  • [7a1b0ac06f] – Revert develop: reintroduce– use-largepages as no-op” (Myles Borins) # 31782
  • [a53eeca2a9] – Revert develop: button realpath to pwd” (Myles Borins) # 31782
  • [6d432994e6] – Revert develop: alert upon– use-largepages config alternative” (Myles Borins) # 31782
  • [a5bc00af12] – Revert occasions: permit surveillance mistake occasions” (Myles Borins)
  • [f0b2d875d9] – component: 12.x self willpower flag as speculative components (Man Bedford) # 31757
  • [42b68a4e24] – src: educate callback extents regarding exemptions in HTTP parser (Anna Henningsen) # 31801
  • [065a32f064] – Revert src: make– use-largepages a runtime alternative” (Myles Borins) # 31782
  • [3d5beebc62] – Revert src: make large_pages consist of conditional” (Myles Borins) # 31782
  • [43d02e20e0] – src: maintain main-thread Separate connected to system throughout Dispose (Anna Henningsen) # 31795
  • [7a5954ef26] – src: repair -Winconsistent-missing-override caution (Colin Ihrig) # 30549

Windows 32-bit Installer:
Windows 64-bit Installer:
Windows 32-bit Binary:
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macOS 64-bit Installer:
macOS 64-bit Binary:
Linux 64-bit Binary:
Linux Pay Per Click LE 64-bit Binary:
Linux s390x 64-bit Binary:
AIX 64-bit Binary:
SmartOS 64-bit Binary:
ARMv7 32-bit Binary:
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Resource Code:
Various other launch documents:


Hash: SHA256.

d928dd3dc4a79c39e45aa8f1f00c33117eb6145001427cb4dd838340932d8f2d node-v12.16.1- aix-ppc64. tar.gz.
34895bce210ca4b3cf19cd480e6563588880dd7f5d798f3782e3650580d35920 node-v12.16.1- darwin-x64. tar.gz.
7d20b9955c96d99fad1ef0e849b340d3ca1386dacd6c79e19d1ad3695bad7f6b node-v12.16.1- darwin-x64. tar.xz.
815e732561b6be1b2389b0cac53e34b65ad1835a5f0354d9888d992a4613947f node-v12.16.1- headers.tar.gz.
602ad5ba8ccf076215e0547632329d8a5c3ab0275a293ee1aebbfdd9345d2a6a node-v12.16.1- headers.tar.xz.
22750695d432e22f2a1faadfcd534a88a18933ffd658d45b08a5afa61acbc24a node-v12.16.1- linux-arm64. tar.gz.
396c43ba507b8ec33c70cdc6f73b4a7c725bddb3f74a85a8b8ed77b436856fed node-v12.16.1- linux-arm64. tar.xz.
d418d0516dfd744a8109e4ed58b021e3a1babb64baed2ebc30e613df97c643fb node-v12.16.1- linux-armv7l. tar.gz.
593dbc7e52518815d02dd5019c54afa5ada3dd143482cbc533c8c1ea80f44349 node-v12.16.1- linux-armv7l. tar.xz.
c8b1e47ac7a7a98f9f9b596b1ff567ad5416141317a3dcf4bff988508eb85bd6 node-v12.16.1- linux-ppc64le. tar.gz.
eee65be6b23245221920f18dded281f74a00dfa2479713134eea3146f1593ea6 node-v12.16.1- linux-ppc64le. tar.xz.
fef9eb79a9f5c50193ba369a2399998a86411f26eadc924674d915b06b71ac8f node-v12.16.1- linux-s390x. tar.gz.
6a77be335dec9349a40216cea072f2ca6e53bf10a7276040bfbd33984cdc5b95 node-v12.16.1- linux-s390x. tar.xz.
b2d9787da97d6c0d5cbf24c69fdbbf376b19089f921432c5a61aa323bc070bea node-v12.16.1- linux-x64. tar.gz.
b826753f14df9771609ffb8e7d2cc4cb395247cb704cf0cea0f04132d9cf3505 node-v12.16.1- linux-x64. tar.xz.
268703502c475a3e6878de0b1e67e6cc06315f41f878c3ec0bd58291537357da node-v12.16.1. pkg.
fec3dd2fdadc2b2fd8be29ebe8cdb859eace84e920a32053585feae0e641e9ce node-v12.16.1- sunos-x64. tar.gz.
fd5786acdc316a5eb64b73e274f44aa74ed2a74ef0b292cec2983bcab1ee96f0 node-v12.16.1- sunos-x64. tar.xz.
4fe8c3454f9bee5bbe72d44aa25cd931859b3037b7a9473081b3b2bd1b465b95 node-v12.16.1. tar.gz.
0a95845ba02c46102b5671d0c5732460073f2d397488337e18d1fc30146d412d node-v12.16.1. tar.xz.
e97aa4c4dc44185f55be7f46ff70a5594066f50853f3b7ad409cc108d32eef17 node-v12.16.1- win-x64.7 z.
b93b73572c5e495154a9823d494de5729c77d1c83b041171154c4b5f3f76b590 node-v12.16.1- win-x64. zip.
2091f727d84044062e2657e20a24ccfbad3c699ee337c47d60ce77fcdadd711a node-v12.16.1- win-x86.7 z.
7d4cb6b9b96d221e5fbb28083d688f36561b05ae2f796a22ebd606f319834b39 node-v12.16.1- win-x86. zip.
bb70e966062e860e3497b4c5cd490485b722f28ad8eb0abfda7fe91e987c59f1 node-v12.16.1- x64.msi.
9fd8788c089bb77999b7f2e6ef94cb1721dd9f5b1b08d4ed2f81e89529c9137a node-v12.16.1- x86.msi.
3f8dabbe93d05367035df2078cb72a20c1b74cf1b41648ea91d902825902fcee win-x64/ node.exe.
4eb31990d5e46ba2a51d4fc14ef187ef51c403afe8823c71c557c0ba3cb6d732 win-x64/ node.lib.
057803deaa2b29b597e15a82cfe78271f9320fc0cd23239564ab04df19ead3f6 win-x64/ node_pdb.7 z.
deee04ab036212fbaa2eeb5efec7e5ff87666dce3968c68450bf8fa12d1c2a59 win-x64/ node_pdb. zip.
78fa91d73172df8e10e1824394087a9d6409259fdc3bd5a83fa90d53e4edb6a6 win-x86/ node.exe.
67967c338c91652bbb376a0a4f3e0162478033d872d71af673e5ce127888ee50 win-x86/ node.lib.
9e8b18c0df1fed91154fc9f7e5cf4e93a85b99ce653be0f77d6cd87f15556cc0 win-x86/ node_pdb.7 z.
b1a9c35d168c5876d040e1aeeb3e7c44c919f2716c560b44556cf9c6975991fc win-x86/ node_pdb. zip.

qUZrhgf/YyjE93K71UoKdkAPN316DY6asYc4+ hoOwny+ r4W1 +0 QSiWl7Pe+ lm4tC.
OfCjrIr5i+ OC+/ VimWLlZ2ufwxWKJCX560TpE9vLe5z6+ CTNEkTR2kA20lT/BnTH.
js/A +6 BAilkMNrdXWspRGgIytk4/njsgq7uTutY0lx7jOclFPXuW615FCqUNA0Ev.
jyTy5b2htDH3J9QrLiHTlLZcz438W1RPvdQ8N8vIfY3QFTcugmBiltIg++ rQ4Zh+.
= wB4y.
----- END PGP TRADEMARK -----.


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