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node.js – Just how to obtain tailwind css to work with an online equipment without web accessibility

I have actually created an internet system to display some metrics for my group. The system was created on my equipment with the front end in NextJS, React and also Tailwindcss.

After duplicating over the task from a functioning computer system to VM and also running the needed installment and also actions, I discovered the Tailwind CSS does not function.

The internet site will certainly be organized on an online equipment without web accessibility. I have actually duplicated over the entire front-end folder with the node components from my equipment to the digital equipment.

The front-end functions as anticipated on my equipment with web accessibility. Later on, I duplicated over the entire folder and also the node installer documents onto the VM, I mounted node, and also ran the npm mount command.
Currently after running npm run dev, I see that my front-end functions as anticipated however there is no CSS. It feels like the tailwind css is not providing. Does anybody understand exactly how to deal with, and also the possible remedy?

My equipment is Windows 11 and also the VM is Windows 10 if that issues.

I have actually attempted recopying and also pasting simply the node components folder, the entire task, and also re booted up tailwind with “npx tailwindcss init -p”.

The CSS still does not appear to function.


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