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Node By Numbers 2021 & 2022 

NodeSource Node.js binary downloads maintain raising monthly, offering numerous customers worldwide with the power of Node.js. This post offers us crucial understandings right into making use of Node.js throughout Linux atmospheres and also the Node.js area as a whole.

Nodesource has actually been product packaging and also dispersing Node.js for Linux atmospheres for 9 years. Every significant and also small launch, in addition to safety and security updates. We have actually seen an enormous rise in downloads annually. While we do not disperse every variation of Node.js, the majority of the downloads in Linux atmospheres are supplied by us.

  • Have you ever before asked yourself the amount of individuals still utilize Node.js variation?
  • Which nations take in Node.js one of the most?
  • What variations and also circulations are one of the most preferred?
  • What are the downloads of Node.js month by month?
  • Are they raising, or are individuals relocating away towards various other innovations?

Allow’s figure out!

Obtain the incredible infographic right here!
Node.js Binary Downloads

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In this write-up, you can discover intriguing information concerning the intake of Node.js worldwide. the fads, spikes, and also probabilities of the use of the preferred runtime that powers numerous applications.

These are the indicate be gone over in this write-up:

  • Introduction
  • A little Background
  • Refine: Just how is a brand-new launch produced?
  • Just how does the circulation procedure job?
  • Duplicates!
  • Current circulations sustained
  • Website Traffic Peaks
  • Obtaining Entailed
  • Verdicts


Initially, allow’s begin with the fundamentals:

What is a binary circulation?

A binary circulation is a software consisting of executables, binaries, or programs prepared to be implemented. In this situation, it will certainly be Node and also NPM assembled executables.

In what are composed the ‘Nodesource Node.js Binary Distributions’.

  • Preserves the schedule and also enables the use of Node.js in manufacturing for the Linux area.
  • If you are mounting Node.js in manufacturing on a Linux system, there is a huge possibility that you are making use of NodeSource Node.js Binary Distributions.

why is this crucial?

Well, NodeSource Node.js binary circulations was downloaded and install over 90 million times worldwide in 2014. There are 90 million times individuals have actually had the ability to utilize, find out, and also communicate with Node.js many thanks to this task.

Last month, it was downloaded and install +11 million times, and also numerous applications and also website are utilizing it. As a result of its schedule, it has actually verified throughout the years to be the most effective resource of setup and also substantial use Node.js plans in Linux, permitting the development of its usage in the marketplace.

What type of circulations are sustained?

So right, as you can see, we sustain significant Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat, CentOS, and also Fedora launches and also various circulations based upon those. As you can see, the checklist can not go long, yet we are constantly attempting to include even more there.

Additionally, if you are making use of code as framework, the significant dishes, solutions, or plugins that consist of Node.js setup normally function making use of Binaries circulations.

So if you’re making use of:

You are currently making use of binary circulations, and also it is advised to utilize the Node.js installer That’s what the NPM documents and also the NodeJS authorities documents claim. So it’s verified to be the most effective resource of mounting these markets.

A little Background of Node.js Binary Distributions

Just how NodeSource obtains associated with this task?

So, right here are some necessary turning points for the task:

  • It began with Chris Lea signing up with NodeSource in 2014.

  • Originally sustaining Debian and also Ubuntu with Node.js V12.

  • Included assistance for RHEL, Centos, Fedora, Oracle Linux, and also Linux.

  • A manuscript was produced to relieve the arrangement procedure. Later on we produced a manuscript to make the setup procedure a lot more convenient due to the fact that you need to include the PPA by hand. Currently whatever is automated!

  • Io.js was birthed and also right away sustained.

  • In 2018 we began supplying Node.js in breeze plans. A suitable layout with several Linux circulations that you can utilize.

  • Ever Since, we have actually increased assistance for lots of suitable Linux Distributions.

We sustain OpenJS Structure and also the Node.js task doing the very same with every LTS and also steady launch the Node.js task has actually launched.

Currently allow’s speak about just how a brand-new launch is produced.

Refine – Just how is a brand-new launch in Node.js produced

There are 2 procedures included when launching a brand-new variation of Node.

  • The very first originates from the node task itself.
  • The 2nd is from the nodes or Node.js binaries circulations for the Linux os.

So it’s valuable to comprehend just how the launch lines job. All the launches are arranged and also prepared. There are 3 phases on a Node variation: Current, LTS, and also completion of life.

Node.js Release Schedule

  • Existing NodeJS launch line in the chart is tinted eco-friendly, as we can see right here. And also this area lasts for 6 months, from April to October.

  • LTS is a phrase for long-lasting assistance and also is put on launch lines that will certainly be sustained and also preserved by the Node.js task for a substantial duration. LTS splits right into 2 energetic and also upkeep; Energetic is heaven, as we can see right here. Upkeep is grey. Energetic is the one that lasts for 18 months. Upkeep is a launch line that is completion of life. That implies it will certainly no more be preserved and also will certainly not be covered with any type of recognized safety and security susceptability. When the variation gets to completion of its life, it is really affectable to update. The entire procedure lasts for 3 years.

Additionally, there are 3 kinds of launches:

  • Significant launch that is for inappropriate API adjustments from variation to variation. A significant launch can additionally consist of adjustments that would usually be consisted of in small or spot launches.
  • Minor launches there consist of backward-compatible capability adjustments.
  • Spot launches consist of nonbreaking pest repairs and also safety and security spots.

So every brand-new LTS is a significant launch. This is the procedure for supplying a brand-new variation of Node.js

Just how the launch takes place inside NodeSource

We currently comprehend just how a variation is produced. So, whenever a brand-new variation is launched, whatever begins with Nodesource Slack. We currently have a combination that alerts in a distinct network that a brand-new variation is readily available, so we need to reach function and also upgrade to a current variation. We additionally have some automation that makes our life simpler: We have a robot, or framework robot, called Control Tower It’s something we utilize inside for all whatever in our framework.

Nodesource Nodejs Process

Control Tower enables us to run a solitary command to create a brand-new variation that will certainly interact with various pipes we have in AWS called pipes. Which will certainly utilize AWS code develop to develop the plan and also all the product packaging, producing all the various binaries we require to disperse Debian, rpm, and also various other layouts.

After developing those, it will certainly press to’s S3 container, and also from there, we will certainly have a beginning web server that will certainly offer all these plans for everyone worldwide. That’s just how it functions.

It’s a semi-automated procedure with a great deal of automation included! Currently, allow’s see some remarkable stats associated with this task.

Node by Numbers 2021 & & 2022

NodeSource NodeJS binary implementation was downloaded and install over 98,420,550 million times worldwide in 2014 (2021 ), and also the overall download from this year from January to October is 80,442,890 million (2022 ).

Bandwith Nodesource Binaries - 2022

This chart is a month-to-month download in terabytes 1TB. This year it was 2,135 TB of binaries circulations from January to October.

There is an obvious rise in the propensity of downloads, and also this year the downloads are a lot more impressive. In simply one year, the rise had to do with 4,7% in downloads.

  • 2021 – 2,088.73 TB
  • 2022 – 2,135.98 TB

Once Again, this is a great deal of information, and also we anticipate these numbers to maintain raising as the Node task increases.

Currently we are mosting likely to evaluate the numbers by variation. This is really crucial. Allow’s have a look.

RPM and DEB Downloads 2021 & 2022

As you can see, individuals are still obtaining old variations like V6, which was deprecated. After that we have V8 and also V10 with a couple of individuals; others are making use of V12 and also V14, and also some are making use of V15 and also V16. Currently allow’s most likely to evaluate the present standing.

So this is 2022, and also as you can see, lots of people still utilize V12. Yet the bright side is lots of people are making use of V14 and also v16. We can anticipate V18 to begin expanding, as it came to be LTS at the end of October, and also it’s the most up to date LTS we sustain.

If you intend to attempt these points on manufacturing, it’s actually great to utilize steady variations; we constantly advise making use of in manufacturing the most up to date LTS. Please review this write-up to comprehend why it is very important and also helpful to attempt Node.js V18 LTS

Currently allow’s see where those downloads are occurring globally and also where individuals take in Node.js most.

Downloads Around the World

The leading 5 nations eating Node.js binary circulations in between 2021 and also 2022 were the United States, Germany, France, the UK, Ireland, and also Netherlands.

In 2022 the leading 5 nations were:
– USA 60.9%.
– Germany 9.3%.
– France 3.6%.
– UK & & Ireland 3.3%.
– Netherlands 2.0%

Several South American nations take in binaries, consisting of Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and also Colombia. The only African nation on the checklist is South Africa. Allow’s really hope a lot more nations maintain making use of the impressive Node.js task!

Website Traffic Peaks

NodeSpurce Akami Traffic Peak

As we can see in this picture, at the end of October of this year, 2022, there was a launch, getting to in Oct 25 with Node 18 12,185 downloads, and also whenever there’s a brand-new launch in Node.js, there is a height on downloads of binaries circulations.

For Node V19 we began having downloads on October 19 with 1,594 downloads that day.

Note: If you intend to recognize the crucial days of the task, right here you can consult them: Node.js Job Schedule

Current circulations sustained by NodeSource

2 kinds of deprecations can occur in our networks:

  • When a Node variation gets to completion Of Life, which implies you will certainly not obtain any type of safety and security updates or publication spots in the future. We constantly advise that you remain in the presently sustained variation. One crucial point to note is that we do not eliminate the old plans. Also if you utilize a secondhand node variation, you can still utilize NodeSource binaries circulation.
  • When Linux Dsitribution goes End Of Life, realize that this is not a great method due to the fact that your Linux circulation, your os, is no more obtaining any type of safety and security updates or assistance. So we constantly advise maintaining a correct upkeep variation of your os (We do not eliminate the old plans).

  • Note: Examine the ‘End-of-Life Releases’ RIGHT HERE

Please upgrade your Node.js, or you will certainly see this point when you’re mounting the Node.js variation that you are attempting to mount. We constantly offer this Deprecation caution, and also we make you wait 20 secs so you can review the message and also understand that possibly you must be upgrading your Node.js variation.

Deprecation Warnning

Today, lots of people are making use of no more sustained variations. Concerning 46% of downloads of Node.js variations were no more sustained. We intend to introduce a project that encorauge designers to upgrades their node variation. #UpgradeYourNodeVersion

Behind the Information

  • There is still an unexpected quantity of downloads of obsolete variations in 2021 (39%) and also in 2022 (46%) – Individuals must update!

  • The downloads are concentrated mainly in the Americas and also Europe (86,9%) in 2021 and also coincided in 2021, and also some areas are drastically underrepresented, for instance, Africa. The Center East in 2022 is raising the downloads.

  • One of the most downloaded variations in 2022 were variation 14 for rpm and also for deborah (32% of Downloads). Adhered to by V12 with 26% of the downloads. Node V16 was downloaded and install 20%.

  • deborah circulations are a lot more eaten than rpm, as is anticipated.

  • In 2022, an interesting turning point was a rise of 13,6% in downloads of NodeSource Node.js Binaries Distributions. We anticipate ongoing development in 2023.

Obtaining Entailed

So, just how can you obtain associated with this task? There are lots of methods to add.

Initially, you can most likely to this web link:

Because web link is the repository where the task is held, and also you can send a concern, remark, or draw demand. And also it relates primarily to sustaining brand-new circulations to update a circulation or to develop an upgrade manuscript to download and install a certain circulation.

One more means is to maintain upgraded documents. If a brand-new variation over circulation adjustments, it must additionally be upgraded on the docs. When you send a concern or a pull demand, pointers can be made to maintain it suitable with the remainder of the circulation, and also entries are constantly functioning.

If you team up with this task for a couple of months, you can ask and also be consisted of in this repo as a partner.


Utilizing NodeSource Node.js circulations is the most effective and also most preferred means to mount Node.js in Linux for manufacturing atmospheres.

NodeSource has actually supplied Node.js fresh to your Linux system by means of your plan supervisor within hrs, mins, days, or weeks. For NodeSource, maintaining the area is necessary due to the fact that we intend to sustain even more individuals making use of Linux to have Node.js in manufacturing.

Additionally, we are trying to find even more area participation in the task. So the majority of our manuscripts are open resource, and also as you can see, there’s a great deal of task in the record that we simply discussed in this write-up. Assist will certainly be valued! So if you have suggestions or options or intend to assist us proceed sustaining open resource, you can add to this GitHub Repo

Please join us and also become part of this spectacular task. Additionally, right here are our networks to follow us and also proceed the discussion:

As constantly, the most effective area to call us is by means of our web site or

Prepared for even more?

If you are trying to find NodeSource’s Enterprise-grade Node.js system, N|Strong, please browse through, and also for comprehensive info on mounting and also making use of N|Strong, please describe the N|Strong Individual Overview

We are additionally mindful that as a startup, you desire ‘Enterprise-grade’ at a start-up rate, this is why we prolong our item to tiny and also medium-sized firms, start-ups, and also charitable companies with N|Strong SaaS

Please assist us to get to even more individuals and also sustain usage situations in Node.js. We appreciate the Node.js area! You rate to discover, review, and also take part in this task.

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