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My Golang Course “GPB” – Obtaining Aid

My name is Oleg. 37 years. I intend to supply a course in golang. The issue is,
that I have an instead inadequate understanding of English and also I am not technology savvy
Git/github and also others. I won t do anything smarter than git duplicate.
I ask you to assist place it online appropriately, and also compose paperwork.

Significance. There is a GPB course that gathers any type of binary plans, with an initial
determining the called for quantity of memory for the plan.
You sequentially implement commands like
W8, W16, W32 and also others (there are a great deal of them). The initial pass just counts the package dimension.
The 2nd pass, in which the memory is moved and also the package dimension gathers
real plan.
The plan reads similarly, just by features of the kind R *. Surpassing the limits of
the plan is not permitted.

Can you assist? If I m thinking about you, I can shake off the tar documents with the course.


( device translation from Russian)

Hi, Oleg,

Do you need assist creating and/or posting your course products to Github?

I am additionally uncertain what you indicate by a GPB course. Is this code something that is risk-free (no concerns with copyright, no passwords/keys, and so on) that you could submit to Github to ensure that we can obtain a far better concept of what you have thus far and also whatever concerns you re dealing with?

oyeoeec/oya epeo:

a ya oo aca aepao aeo acca/ apye ao a Github?

ae e yepe, o oaae GPB course. oo c yepeoc apy o o a Github (e poe c eeyao coceoc apo/a)? c coee, o coe poa o ye o e poe.


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