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Mary UI: Laravel Blade Parts for Livewire 3

Mary UI is a UI collection that offers you beautiful Laravel Blade parts produced Livewire 3 and also styled with DaisyUI and also Tailwind:

It consists of a lot of valuable UI parts out of package and also is a wind to establish:

  • Type parts like input, checkbox, toggle, radio, and also a lot more
  • Checklist product element
  • Table element
  • Food selection and also dropdown parts
  • Modal element
  • Cabinet element
  • Alert element
  • Switch element
  • Badges element
  • Header element
  • Symbol element
  • Stat element
  • Tabs element

Documents is readily available with code instances and also trials of making use of all the parts. As an example, the cabinet element makes it basic to produce a slide-out cabinet with the adhering to code:

< Web content left car size. < < < Web content right with repaired size and also Card. <<



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