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Making Each Line of Code Effective & Python In Excel– The Actual Python Podcast

Real Python Podcast Episode #171 Title Artwork

Sep 08, 2023 50m

Christopher Bailey
Christopher Trudeau

Are you composing reliable Python with as couple of lines of code as feasible? Are you aware of the numerous integrated language functions that will streamline your code as well as make it a lot more Pythonic? Christopher Trudeau is back on the program today, bringing one more set of PyCoder’s Weekly posts as well as tasks.

We review a current article from Bob Belderbos entitled “Make Each Line Matter, Maintaining Points Simple in Python.” We supply much of our favored Pythonic instances as well as the language blunders that we have actually gained from. We additionally share several sources to include in your finding out course.

Microsoft has actually revealed a restricted beta program for Python in Excel. We go into the existing information, demands, as well as prospective usage situations.

We cover a number of various other posts as well as tasks from the Python neighborhood, consisting of a team of statements from the Python Software Program Structure, a display of the Polars DataFrame collection, never-ceasing things in Python, a code picture generator Python job, an MS Paint duplicate in the incurable, as well as a Django ORM cheatsheet.


  • 00:00:00— Intro
  • 00:02:10— Python 3.12.0 launch prospect 1 launched
  • 00:02:53— PSF Announces New PyPI Security & & Protection Designer
  • 00:03:44— 2022 PSF Yearly Record
  • 00:04:13— Pydantic has actually been downloaded and install … 1 BILLION times!
  • 00:04:28— Python Polars: A Lightning-Fast DataFrame Collection
  • 00:12:26— Presenting Never-ceasing Items for Python
  • 00:15:32— Video Clip Program Limelight
  • 00:17:01— Presenting Python in Excel
  • 00:26:34— Construct a Code Picture Generator With Python
  • 00:31:49— Make Each Line Matter, Maintaining Points Simple in Python
  • 00:44:08— Textual-paint
  • 00:46:04— Django ORM Cheatsheet
  • 00:49:48— Many thanks as well as farewell


Program Hyperlinks:

  • Python Polars: A Lightning-Fast DataFrame Collection— Invite to the globe of Polars, an effective DataFrame collection for Python! In this display tutorial, you’ll obtain a hands-on intro to Polars’ core functions as well as see why this collection is capturing a lot buzz.
  • Presenting Never-ceasing Items for Python— This post discusses never-ceasing things ( PEP 683), which are left out from trash. This creates efficiency as well as shared memory renovations for big styles.
  • Presenting Python in Excel— Microsoft has actually revealed that they’re installing Python in Excel via a collaboration with Anaconda. Continue reading for information.
  • Construct a Code Picture Generator With Python— In this detailed tutorial, you’ll develop a code picture generator that produces nice-looking photos of your code bits to share on social networks. Your code picture generator will certainly be powered by the Flask internet structure as well as consist of amazing plans like Pygments as well as Dramatist.



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