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Making a HTML/PHP MySQL Visitor

I have actually been attempting to make a straightforward customer for a MySQL table, however I recognize absolutely nothing concerning HTML, PHP or MySQL.

What I have actually below is butchered from 4 or 5 instances incorporated together with some hit as well as hope uncertainty, in some way this in fact appears to function precisely just how I desired yet I’m mosting likely to think there are concerns that I can not see/understand. My inquiry is can anybody anybody mention anything that is mosting likely to trigger a problem or advise something comparable that I can utilize rather?


<< html>>.
<< head>>.
<< title>> MySQL Table Visitor<. << design kind=" text/css">
> body {
font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif.
} {
font-weight: strong;
font-size: 20px;

tr: nth-of-type( strange) {
background-color: #CCCCCC;

tr: not(: first-child): float {
background-color: red;.

tr td: first-child {
size: 1%;.

tr td: last-child {
size: 1%;.
padding-right: 0px;.

table, th, td {
border-spacing: 0px;.
padding-top: 4px;.
padding-right: 10px;.
padding-bottom: 4px;.
white-space: nowrap;.

table {
display screen: block;.
overflow-x: automobile;.

li {
font-weight: strong;.
float: left;.
list-style: none;.
text-align: facility;.
background-color: #CCCCCC;.
margin-right: 10px;.
size: 145px;.
line-height: 30px;.

li {a text-decoration: none;.
shade: #FFFFFF;.
display screen: block;.

li a: float {
text-decoration: none;.
shade: #red;.
/ * background-color: red; */.

{a text-decoration: none;.
shade: #FFFFFF;.
display screen: block;.

a: float {
text-decoration: none;.
shade: red;.

<. <. << body>>.



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