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Lucee 6 and also Hibernate ORM

Since Lucee, brand-new Lucee builds will certainly no more pack the (Lucee) Hibernate expansion. This suggests that if you depend on Hibernate ORM in your CFML application, you will certainly require to by hand pack the Hibernate expansion right into your Lucee web server. Allow’s keep reading for even more information.

The Information

Initially, allow’s begin with the main note from the Lucee Secure Launch notes (thanks to Zac Spitzer):

Lucee ORM is no more being established or packed by the Lucee Group, Ortus have actually forked and also taken control of the growth of ORM for Lucee, see Presenting: The Ortus ORM Expansion

It appears that Lucee has actually decided to 1) cut the Lucee setup dimension by no more packing the Hibernate expansion with brand-new Lucee setups, and also to 2) stop additional growth on the Lucee Hibernate expansion. It is uncertain whether “no more being established” is describing brand-new attributes just, or whether that consists of insect repairs and also safety spots too.

This information suggests that Micha and also the LAS group can concentrate on the Lucee web server system, bringing you speed up and also security, while Ortus offers the Hibernate assimilation for an effective data source ORM layer.

What Currently?

Given That Ortus Solutions has actually devoted to recurring assistance of the Hibernate expansion, there is no issue for the future of Hibernate ORM on Lucee. The Ortus-maintained expansion (labelled “Ortus ORM expansion”) has actually had more than 500 dedicates and also 9 launches considering that forking, and also the upcoming 7.0.0 launch will certainly update to Hibernate 5.6. We’re not vanishing!

While it is feasible to proceed making use of the Lucee Hibernate expansion, we very suggest switching over to the Ortus ORM expansion for rate renovations, safety spots, and also recurring assistance.

As a fast instance, have a look at the ORMReload times throughout the Lucee Hibernate and also the Ortus ORM Expansion. Left wing are numerous variations of the Lucee Hibernate expansion (,, and also, and also on the right is the Ortus ORM Expansion (variation 6.1.0). You can see that the ORMReload time mores than 50% faster making use of the Ortus ORM expansion!

ORMReload times compared with the Lucee Hibernate extension (blue) vs. the Ortus ORM Extension (right)

Setting Up the Ortus ORM Expansion with CommandBox

Setting Up at Web Server Begin Time

To mount the Ortus ORM expansion with CommandBox at web server beginning time, pass the - Dlucee-extensions setting variable consisting of a checklist of expansion IDs to mount:

 box web server beginning cfengine=lucee@5.4 -Dlucee-extensions=" D062D72F-F8A2-46F0-8CBC91325B2F067B; variation= 6.1.0"

Running this command web server beginning in CommandBox will certainly begin the Lucee web server making use of the lucee-extensions setting variable to set up any kind of extra expansions past the default packed ones. This setting variable will certainly advise Lucee to mount the Ortus ORM expansion v6.1.0 at start-up. By the time your CFML code is carrying out, the expansion will certainly be completely set up and also prepared to go.

Setting Up on a Pre-Existing Lucee Web Server

For a pre-built Lucee web server isntance, you can decide to mount the expansion without reactivating the web server making use of CommandBox’s mount command:

 box mount D062D72F-F8A2-46F0-8CBC91325B2F067B@6.1.0

This will certainly mount the expansion to the Lucee web server’s release/ directory site, where it will certainly be grabbed (normally within 30 secs) and also set up right into the running Lucee web server.

Setting Up the Ortus ORM Expansion on Vanilla Lucee

To mount the expansion without aid from CommandBox, add the expansion ID ( D062D72F-F8A2-46F0-8CBC91325B2F067B) to the LUCEE_EXTENSIONS setting variable prior to beginning the Lucee web server. Specifically just how you do these 2 actions will certainly rely on your os and also on the technique you made use of to mount Lucee web server to begin with.

At the same time, you can search to the Expansion>> Applications web page in the Lucee Web server Admin and also click the “Ortus ORM Expansion” under “Not Installated”. From there, you can pick and also mount variations at will.

See Lucee’s “Expansion Installment” paperwork for even more information.

Final Thought

The LAS group has long “brought the baton” in relation to Hibernate ORM. With that said baton currently passed securely to Ortus Solutions, Hibernate in CFML is going into a brand-new age of rate, security, and also recurring assistance. For additional information, you can have a look at the paperwork, or our assistance web page if you are seeking extra abilities.


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