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Locating the Right Coding Font Style for Shows in Python– The Genuine Python Podcast

Real Python Podcast Episode #170 Title Artwork

Sep 01, 2023 1h 5m

Christopher Bailey
Philipp Acsany

What should you think about when selecting a typeface for coding in Python? What personalities and also their particular glyphs should you inspect prior to making your choice? Today on the program, we chat with Genuine Python writer and also core staff member Philipp Acsany regarding his current write-up, Picking the most effective Coding Font Style for Shows.

Philipp shares a few of his history as a typeface designer and also visuals developer. We discuss exactly how font layout devices were his intro to shows in Python.

We review exactly how the constant use highlights, at indicators, parentheses, and also asterisks in Python’s phrase structure need to impact your choice. Philipp’s tutorial supplies a number of sources to aid you discover a monospace font style that fits your coding needs.


  • 00:00:00— Intro
  • 00:01:32— Previous podcast looks
  • 00:03:18— Programming-environment fussiness and also monospace typefaces
  • 00:07:29— Looking into the tutorial and also curating the collection
  • 00:10:51— Philipp’s history
  • 00:18:07— Setting apart personalities
  • 00:21:37— Monospace, typewriters, and also placement
  • 00:25:08— Personality collections to research
  • 00:32:38— The comma and also the duration
  • 00:37:04— Video Clip Training Course Limelight
  • 00:38:30— Python’s usage in font growth
  • 00:42:48— Various typefaces for various languages
  • 00:49:27— Non-English remarks
  • 00:55:40— Our font selections
  • 00:59:00— What are you delighted regarding worldwide of Python?
  • 01:01:35— What do you intend to find out following?
  • 01:03:41— Where can individuals follow your job online?
  • 01:04:38— Many thanks and also farewell

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