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Light-weight Swipeable Modal Element For React Indigenous

A light-weight and also swipeable React Indigenous modal part for iphone & & Android. Based upon react-native-gesture-handler and also react-native-reanimated

Just how to utilize it:

1. Install & & import the modal part.

 # Thread

. $ thread include @jetrockets/ react-native-modal react-native-gesture-handler react-native-reanimated
 import {GestureModal} from '@jetrockets/ react-native-modal';

2. Produce a fundamental modal.

 feature Application() {


<< Sight>> 
. < Text>
> Your Text Below  

Sneak Peek:

Lightweight Swipeable Modal Component

Download And Install Information:

Writer: jetrockets

Live Trial: Sight The Trial

Download And Install Web Link: Download And Install The Resource Code

Authorities Internet Site:

Certificate: MIT


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