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Laravel Jetstream 4.0 with Livewire 3 assistance

Laravel Jetstream v4.0 is currently launched and also consists of assistance for the just-released Livewire v3

Jetstream Updating Refine

Updating to Jetstream 4.0 is quite uncomplicated, yet it has a couple of actions detailed on the upgrade overview Right here is a quick review:

Update composer.json

Adjustment your jetstream line in composer.json to:

" laravel/jetstream": "^ 4.0",

After that run author upgrade

Update your Towering Manuscripts

Livewire 3 ships with Towering by default, so you do not require to include it in your application’s resources/js/app. js documents.

You ought to consist of @livewireStyles and also @livewireScripts in your application’s resources/views/layouts/ guest.blade.php documents considering that Alpine is utilized by “visitor” parts released by Jetstream:



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