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Laravel API Toolkit|Laravel Information

Laravel API Toolkit supercharges your API advancement with standard feedbacks, vibrant pagination, as well as a lot more. At the time of creating, it sustains the complying with attributes:

  • Schema assistance
  • Pagination assistants
  • API Generator Command
  • API filtering system
  • Activities
  • Media assistants
  • As Well As a lot more …

Making use of the offered api: produce Artisan command, you can conveniently produce all the vital data required, consisting of controller, demands, sources, versions, movements, and so on:

php craftsmen api: produce Consumer

"username: string|age: integer: nullable|company_id: foreignId|standing: enum( brand-new, old)"

-- all

After running the above command, the complying with data are produced, providing you every little thing you require to begin developing the Consumer API:

api:generate command example

Filtering is an additional helpful attribute in this plan, providing you the capability to specify which areas you can filter on. Offered the instance of a Cars And Truck version, right here’s what your filter arrangement may appear like:

namespace AppModels;

usage EssaAPIToolKitFiltersFilterable;

course Cars And Truck prolongs Design


usage Filterable;

shielded string $default_filters = CarFilters:: course;

// Various other version code ...


As Well As the CarFilters course may appear like:

namespace AppFilters;

usage EssaAPIToolKitFiltersQueryFilters;

course CarFilters prolongs QueryFilters


shielded variety $allowedFilters = ['color', 'model_id'];

shielded variety $columnSearch = [];


// OBTAIN/ cars?color= red

Activities is an additional attribute that you can utilize in this plan to envelop organization reasoning within distinctive courses that you can utilize to make up

namespace AppActions;

course CreateCar


public feature implement($ information)


// ...



// use instance in a controller

public feature shop( Demand $demand)


$ this->> createCar->> implement($ demand->> all());


To start with this plan, have a look at the paperwork at You can discover more concerning this plan, obtain complete installment directions, as well as see the resource code on GitHub.


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