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Just how to: Respond Table with Motif

This tutorial is component 2 of 2 in this collection.

In this tutorial, I intend to reveal you exactly how to utilize React Table Collection with its useTheme plugin to style your table with a personalized design. In the previous instance, you mounted React Table Collection to produce a table element.

Initially, import the useTheme hook:

import { useTheme } from ' @table- library/react-table-library/theme';

And also 2nd, produce a style with it and also pass it as plugin prop to the Table element:

const MOTIF = {} ;

const Application = () =>> {

const information = { nodes: checklist } ;

const style = useTheme( MOTIF);

return (

< ... <);} ; That's it. With simply a couple of lines, you produced a personalized style for your table. Nonetheless, the style is vacant, so allow's see exactly how you can design the table with it: const MOTIF = { HeaderRow


' font-size: 14px; background-color: #eaf 5fd;



font-size: 14px; &&: nth-child( strange) { background-color: #d 2e9fb; &}

&: nth-child (also) { background-color: #eaf 5fd; }

'(* ),


; Basically, the style is a thesaurus where you can design the various elements of a table. In the instance over, we styled the header rows and also the row elements. As both elements share a few of the very same design, you can remove this design to a common measure also:

const MOTIF =





font-size: 14px;




' background-color: #eaf 5fd;

, Row : '

&&: nth-child( strange) { background-color: #d 2e9fb; }

&&: nth-child( also) {

background-color: #eaf 5fd;}

', }


The adhering to elements are readily available as tricks for designing: Table, HeaderRow, Row, HeaderCell, Cell, BaseRow, and also BaseCell. This ought to offer you all the entrance factors you require to design every one of the elements of your table. If you have comments, please open a problem on the GitHub database

If you intend to see even more motifs, look into the collection's paperwork

This tutorial is component 2 of 3 in this collection.

This tutorial is component 2 of 3 in this collection.


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