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Just how to examine if a Data is concealed in Java? Instance

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Just how to Discover concealed documents in Java with Instance

So currently we are clear that we can not create code for making a documents concealed straight from Java Documents API however what we can do seeks making any kind of data concealed relying on the system we can examine the data residential property is concealed or otherwise and also as necessary we can make use of that data in our application. isHidden() technique is given on data Course in Java which we will certainly make use of to examine this residential property.

Phrase structure of the technique:

public fixed boolean isHidden( Course course) tosses IOException

Just how To examine Covert residential property of data in Java-isHidden () Approach

checking and finding hidden file in java Below we pass the course of the declare which we intend to examine concealed residential property and also it will certainly return real if it’s a covert data or else will certainly obtain an incorrect worth.

Below is a total code instance of locating a covert data in Java, we are utilizing the file.isHidden() technique to examine whether a documents is concealed or otherwise.


/ **

* @author Javin



public course FileHiddenExample {

public fixed gap primary( String[] args) tosses SecurityException, IOException {

Submit data = brand-new Documents(” C:/ HiddenTest.txt”);

if (file.isHidden()) {

System. out println(” This data is Covert data: “);

} else {

System. out println(” Submit is not Covert “);




That’s all on just how to discover concealed documents in java which is fairly simple by utilizing the isHidden() technique. allow me recognize if you recognize differently of making a documents concealed from Java program and also we can consist of that Instance right here. I will certainly talk about just how we can make a documents concealed in Java on following message conceal Data from Java program

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