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javascript – Why does jQuery or a DOM approach such as getElementById not locate the aspect?

The aspect you were searching for had not been in the DOM when your manuscript ran.

The setting of your DOM-reliant manuscript can have an extensive impact on its habits. Web browsers analyze HTML files inside out. Aspects are included in the DOM and also manuscripts are (normally) performed as they’re come across. This indicates that order issues. Generally, manuscripts can not locate aspects that show up later on in the markup due to the fact that those aspects have yet to be included in the DOM.

Take into consideration the complying with markup; manuscript # 1 falls short to locate the << div>> while manuscript # 2 prospers:

<< manuscript>>.
console.log(" manuscript # 1:", document.getElementById(" examination"));// void.
<< div id=" examination">> examination div<.
<< manuscript>>.
console.log(" manuscript # 2:", document.getElementById(" examination"));// << div id=" examination" ...

So, what should you do? You have actually obtained a couple of choices:

Alternative 1: Relocate your manuscript

Offered what we have actually seen in the instance over, an instinctive service may be to merely relocate your manuscript down the markup, past the aspects you wish to accessibility. Actually, for a very long time, positioning manuscripts at the end of the web page was thought about a finest technique for a selection of factors. Organized thus, the remainder of the paper would certainly be analyzed prior to implementing your manuscript:.

<< body>>.
<< switch id=" examination">> click me<. << manuscript>>.
document.getElementById(" examination"). addEventListener(" click", feature() {
console.log(" clicked:", this);
} );.
<. <


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