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javascript – The Smooth Scrolling is not functioning next/link

I am utilizing next/Link yet smooth scrolling is not functioning yet when i usage support tag it is functioning correctly while utilizing support tag web page is refilling yet next/link does not pack web page whenever course adjustments


 html {
scroll-behavior: smooth;


 { thing, index) => > (
<< Web link secret= {index} href= {item.href} passHref legacyBehavior>>.
<< a className=" w-full px-4 py-4 -ml-4 text-gray-500 rounded-md dark: text-gray-300 float: text-gradient emphasis: text-gradient emphasis: bg-indigo-100 dark: emphasis: bg-gray-800 emphasis: outline-none dark: emphasis: bg-neutral-700".
aria-label=" Toggle Food selection".
onClick= {handleOpen}

Required smooth scrolling with next/link


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