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javascript – Just how to use CSS to a dynamically developed div from a React collection?

I’m encountering a CSS problem that I have the ability to deal with using devtools by locating the ideal div as well as using styling straight, however I’m incapable to do the exact same in code. The factor for this is that I make use of the << SplitPane>> React part, which creates it’s very own divs in the DOM. As an example, if my React code appeared like this:

<< SplitPane/>>

The produced DOM would certainly look something similar to this

<< div course=" sc-iAEyYk dohjMh SplitPane upright">>.
<< div course=" sc-beqWaB fbooqV Pane upright">>.
<< div course=" sc-dmqHEX llsejy"><> .
<< div course=" sc-gueYoa fyVXeP"><> .

The collection itself has some information on using CSS to the total SplitPane (which does not repair my problem), however not the private divs. I require to use designing to the div classified sc-gueYoa fyVXeP, however I'm unsure just how to target that if these are all auto-generated course names. What's the most effective method to use CSS to this div as well as this div alone?


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