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javascript – Exactly how do I bring my 3D version to the front like a switch to push?

I took care of to produce a 3D version and also would love to place it on my internet site as a switch individuals can click prior to enterting right into the major web page to see the profile.

The only issue is, I procured the 3D version on the internet site yet it lags a video clip and also I would love to bring it to the center similar to this: enter image description here

Rather than the center switch, it would certainly simply be the personality I made on Blender or food processor and also individuals can click it or revolve it.

Right here is the present code if any person would not mind assisting me address this last action << 3:

<< html lang=" en">

<> < head>>.
<< meta http-equiv=" cache-control" material=" public" name=" viewport" material=" size= device-width, initial-scale= 1.0, maxiumum-scale= 5.0">>.

<< web link rel=" symbol" href=" ghost.ico">



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