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javascript – Exactly how can I make use of setInterval as well as clearInterval?

setInterval establishes a repeating timer. It returns a manage that you can enter clearInterval to quit it from shooting:

 var take care of = setInterval( drawAll, 20);.

// When you intend to terminate it:.
clearInterval( take care of);.
take care of = 0;// I simply do this so I understand I have actually removed the period.

On internet browsers, the take care of is assured to be a number that isn’t equivalent to 0; for that reason, 0 makes an useful flag worth for “no timer collection”. (Various other systems might return various other worths; Node.js’s timer features return an item, for example.)

To arrange a feature to just fire when, usage setTimeout rather. It will not maintain shooting. (It likewise returns a manage you can make use of to terminate it by means of clearTimeout prior to it discharges that a person time if proper.)

 setTimeout( drawAll, 20);.


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