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javascript – Exactly how can I discover if numerous lines overlap?

enter image description here

Each line sector has 2 xy collaborates provided,

Input are listed below,




In the above image, if the lines are overlapping, it can be thought about as a line sector May I recognize the reasoning or math behind addressing it which outputs the 2 non-overlapping line sectors which are [3,4],[5,4] and also [8,4],[20,4]?

The input I offered is simply 3 line sectors that we need to strain to non-overlapping line sectors, so this obtains complex quick with even more line sectors if we do not have the appropriate math I am doing this since I encountered this insect in my programs:-RRB-.

I will certainly value any type of assistance that I can get:-RRB-

My service is I have actually looked for whether 2 lines are overlapping from by utilizing several of the reasoning which is A.start <


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