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javascript – Developing a Semi-Circle Cut Result making use of clip-path in CSS for Facility of Aspect

Exactly how can I utilize clip-path in CSS to reduce a component in a manner that the reducing takes place at the facility of the aspect, as well as the cut adheres to a semi-circle form?

I intend to develop a style where I have a component, allow’s state a << div>>, as well as I would love to suffice as though the cut takes place right at the facility of the aspect. In addition, I desire the cut to appear like a semi-circle. I have actually checked into making use of clip-path with SVG courses for customized forms, however I’m having difficulty finding out the specific course or collaborates required to attain this particular impact.

Could a person please give support or an instance of just how to develop this sort of clipping impact making use of clip-path as well as SVG?

I intend to make this impact with clip-path

I want to make this effect with clip-path

I utilized polygon an circle/eclipse however it really did not assisted me


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