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javascript – Base Href course is not adding for Css and also Ico in Firefox -116 variation (Benefiting google chrome and also side)

Css and also Symbol href course is not adding base href course which are offered in Index.html data. Yes, it is producing in the dist folder for the manufacturing.
Keep in mind: Base href course is including for the manuscript–> > src like runtime.js, polyfile.js and also main.js

However very same css data is functioning penalty in google chrome and also Side internet browser. like listed below

base href is/ app/xxxx/.
Currently/ app/xxxx/styles.649720 bc06917d9a.css is making a network hire the Google Chrome and also Side internet browser which is anticipated however.
/ this is my present internet browser web link path/styles.649720 bc06917d9a.css

enter image description here

If I am providing accuarte course in href so it will certainly function however this is not the proper way also index.html produce dynamically so I dodn’t recognize exactly how to include additionally.

enter image description here


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