1. Springtime as well as Java

>> > > The most effective means to utilize JPA bidirectional sync techniques [vladmihalcea.com]

Ideal means to map one-to-many, one-to-one, as well as many-to-many organizations making use of JPA bidirectional techniques.

>> > > 6 Factors To Consider when Structure High-Performance Java Microservices with EDA [foojay.io]

Grasping event-driven designs: dishes to develop high-performance, resistant, as well as reduced latency microservices making use of EDA concepts. Great things.

>> > > Intro: Q-descriptors as well as v-bytecodes [inside.java]

And Also, Valhalla under the hood: an intro to Q-descriptors as well as v-bytecodes.

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2. Technical & & Musings

> > > Curbing Link Spin in Zuul [netflixtechblog.com]

Detailed on just how Zuul’s strategy to dealing with links has actually progressed for many years.

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3. Select of the Week

>> > > Never ever claim “no,” yet seldom claim “yes.” [asmartbear.com]