1. Springtime as well as Java

>> > > The very best method to utilize Testcontainers from your Springtime Boot examinations! [info.michael-simons.eu]

A functional overview on just how to utilize various parts of Testcontainers with Springtime Boot

>> > > JDBC Profiling with VisualVM [vladmihalcea.com]

Searching slow-running SQL inquiries or wan na find N +1 question concerns? Allow’s see just how VisualVM can assist us right here.

>>> > Task Leyden: Towards Condensers [inside.java]

A little bit academic, however still intriguing to see just how the Java group is considering boosting start-up time, as well as application impact.

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2. Technical & & Musings

> > > Structure as well as running a quite huge storage space system called S3 [allthingsdistributed.com]

An experiential item on just how a recognized designer at AWS concerns recognize as well as find various components of S3.

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3. Choose of the Week

>> > > What does a CTO in fact do? [vadimkravcenko.com]