1. Springtime and also Java

>> > > Damaging down Obstacles: Presenting JDK 21’s Technique to Beginner-Friendly Java Programs [infoq.com]

Meet unrevealed courses and also circumstances major techniques: less complicated methods to examine in Java with JEP 445!

>> > > Revealing Graal Cloud Indigenous [blogs.oracle.com]

A collection of Micronaut structure components that streamline multi-cloud application advancements.

>> > > Cache synchronization utilizing jOOQ and also PostgreSQL features [vladmihalcea.com]

As well as, making use of modification information catch to track the modification of documents gradually and also sync cache access appropriately.

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2. Technical & & Musings

> > > Is the audit log a correct style motorist for Occasion Sourcing? [event-driven.io]

In Some Cases Occasion Sourcing and also Occasion Shop do not offer complete audit log capacities out of package. Yeah.

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3. Select of the Week

>> > > Exactly how to do what you like and also make great cash [sive.rs]