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Introducing Rome v11

New lint regulations, optional semicolons sustain, brand-new sort-imports include, and also boosted reductions remarks.

The Rome group mores than happy to reveal Rome variation 11. The brand-new variation enhances security, functionality, Prettier compatibility and also presents some brand-new attributes in which the area revealed high passion.

You can update Rome by running the complying with command:

 npm  set up-- save-dev rome@latest
 pnpm upgrade rome@latest
 thread upgrade rome@latest

Or set up the VS Code expansion to incorporate Rome right into your editor.

What remains in Rome 11

satisfies driver

 const scheme  =  {
   red:  [255, 0, 0],
   environment-friendly:  " # 00ff00",
   blue:  [0, 0, 255]
}  pleases Document<; Assistance for various other brand-new phrase structures presented by  TypeScript 4.7 and also   TypeScript 4.9 will certainly adhere to quickly. Optional Semicolons

Formerly, Rome published semicolons at the end of every declaration, course participant, and also kind participant. This launch presents the brand-new semicolons choice It sets up where the formatter prints semicolons: constantly (default)

Rome prints semicolons at the end of every declaration, course residential property, and also kind participant.

filter( variety



)  { const result  =; for (
   thing  of variety [])

   {  if( predicate( thing )
    )  {.
outcome press( thing );} }  return result;} 
     as-needed (brand-new)
   Rome just publishes semicolons ready that might present 

   ASI failings feature


variety, predicate

)  { const result  = for(  thing 
   of variety) []

   {  if( predicate( thing )
    )  {.
outcome press( thing )} }  return result.
}  New Lints
     This launch presents 4 brand-new advised dusts: 
   Rome v11 likewise ships several brand-new 

   baby room regulations Baby room regulations are under energetic advancement. So these regulations are rougher around the sides however enable you to opt-in to the most recent and also biggest of Rome. You can assist us by 

making it possible for the speculative regulations

on the regulation, the diagnostics, or the code repair. New nighttime launches allow the baby room regulations by default, permitting us to accumulate even more responses prior to maintaining regulations. We extremely suggest trying the useExhaustiveDependencies regulation if you’re utilizing React. It insists that React hook calls define all dependences. New Dust Teams (Damaging) Rome separates dusts right into various teams based upon the issues they report. This launch presents the brand-new efficiency

team and also divides the dubious team from the


  • dubious: Guidelines that identify code that is
  • most likely to be wrong or ineffective. Both teams dubious
  • and also accuracy are really comparable. They just vary in the assurance that some code is proper or extra. Allow’s consider 2 concrete instances to comprehend the distinction. const

a = 10;

 = 42;  The  noConstAssign regulation reports the  a = 42  job since appointing to a  const

variable constantly tosses a TypeError at runtime. That’s why the noConstAssign regulation remains in the accuracy team. feature examination() {}

examination   = 10;  Rome's    noFunctionAssign reports the  examination = 10  job since it designates the worth  10

to the feature examination, which is most likely not what you meant. The distinction is that this code runs with no runtime mistakes, and also there’s also a possibility that you intended to reassign examination to 10 The reality that it’s just (extremely) likely that the reassignment is wrong is why noFunctionAssign remains in the dubious team. This is a breaking modification since we relocated existing regulations to brand-new teams. You need to: Update your setup if you have actually altered the intensity of any kind of relocated regulation. Update the team name in reductions remarks describing relocated regulations. The launch Changelog has a detailed description of just how to carry out the movement. It likewise notes all afflicted regulations.

Formerly, you needed to compose the lint-rule name in parentheses when utilizing a dust regulation reductions remark.

  • if
  • (

a = = 4


 { }  Rome 11 adjustments the reductions remark phrase structure to line up the regulation name with just how Rome reveals them in diagnostics. Rather than parenthesizing the regulation name, you compose  lint/rule _ name :  if ( a 

= = 4)

 { }  Rome remains to sustain the old phrase structure however produces a caution with an automated repair. You can either use the code repair from in your editor or for the entire task by running  rome check-- use  Use the recommended repair inside VS Code to move existing reductions remarks.  On top of that, reductions remarks for dust regulations currently function likewise to  @ts- expect-error

and also produce a caution if a subdued regulation does not produce any kind of analysis representing the remark. Suggesting the remark isn’t subduing anything and also can be securely gotten rid of. Rome currently alerts concerning extra reductions. Reductions Code Activity (speculative)

Reduce a guideline right from your editor by using the brand-new reduce regulation code activity. Import Arranging (speculative) This launch ships a speculative variation of the kind imports code activity. It types the import declarations based upon the component name utilizing all-natural purchasing. The activity types the declarations in your area per team, where a vacant line begins a brand-new team.

Rome types the import declarations by component name.

You can activate kind imports by hand utilizing the “Arrange Imports” activity (

package.json Utilizing the packed variation can lead to inequalities in between the variation made use of by the expansion and also the variation made use of when running CLI commands. The brand-new variation of Rome fixes the rome

npm plan from the office origin. It just drops back to the packed Rome variation for untrusted work areas or tasks without a reliance on the

for including symlink and also read-only filesystem assistance.



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